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If you want to be a streamer, you only need a powerful high-end computer in addition to streaming software such as OBS-Studio

However, if you want to present content from a console such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox on Twitch, you need a so-called capture card that picks up the signal outputs it to your streaming channel via PC.

These are available either internally for desktop PCs or externally for notebooks.

If you only want to let the video stream run through your PC to play it back – a so-called “pass-through,” then the hardware requirements are not so high.

However, we assume that you also want to record your streams and have already the minimum hardware requirements to do so.

Below, we give you a list of the best streaming gear you can find on Amazon.

We have selected the best value plus popularity gear webcam, speaker, and background accessories.

This means that hundred of streamers are using them or have used them at some point so you won’t be disappointed.

If you are in a hurry you can check out this list.

Image Product Details   Price
AverMedia Cam 513 Avermedia Webcam 4k web cam with capability of recording Check Price
Logitech Brio Stream Logitech Brio Webcam 4K with 60 FPS and HDR Check Price
Razor Kiyo Webcam Razor Kiyo Webcam Full HD recordings with 30 FPS Check Price
Rode Nt Usb with adjustable Arm Rode NT-USB Professional table microphone with a USB port Check Price
Blue yeti x condesnsor microphone Blue Yeti Microphone Professional table microphone with a USB port with condenser Check Price



AverMedia has established itself as a specialist in streaming hardware in recent years. With the current Live Streamer Cam 513 (view directly on) Amazon, the company has launched its first 4K webcam.

Not only because of the price, but this is also aimed primarily at demanding streamers, content creators, or power users who place great value on the image quality during their video conferences.

A CMOS sensor from Sony works inside the camera, enabling recording quality in 4K resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels with 30 fps (frames per second) or Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) with 30 or 60 fps.

However, it would be best if you always kept in mind that a wide-angle lens allows a 94-degree view of your streaming room.

Anyone entertaining their fans from a large room should always consider that the camera takes pictures of areas that perhaps not everyone should see.

You should also use an external ring light in dark light conditions.

The camera is connected to the PC or Mac with the included USB cable to a free USB type A 3.0 port – the camera itself has a USB-C connection.

Besides, on the underside of the cam, you will find a camera mount for the monitor and a screw thread to mount the Live Streamer Cam on a tripod. In contrast to many other cameras, this webcam is not permanently mounted on the bracket but rests on a ball joint so that you can rotate the camera 360 degrees or align it slightly up and down to cover it.

AverMedia relies on two omnidirectional microphones to ensure that your voice is heard clearly and clearly by your audience, supporting both echo and noise cancellation.

Overall, the hardware leaves a first-class impression. The case is stable, and the image quality is excellent, so there is no reason for criticism.

In addition to the webcam and cable, the scope of delivery includes the necessary software that you can download from the manufacturer’s website.

The actual connection under Windows 10 is effortless. Connect the camera to the PC, Windows will install the appropriate drivers, and you can use the webcam immediately.

The current AVerMedia CamEngine lets you make detailed settings on the camera and even enables a sixfold digital zoom and other technical gadgets.

While the RECentral four program acts as streaming software with which you can go live on broadcasts on Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube, for example. Both tools are intuitive to use and do not require a long training period.

The Live Streamer Cam 513 is a first-class webcam for all streaming enthusiasts who want to have the option of broadcasting in 4K.

The webcam works with Windows 10 or MacOS 10.14 and 10.15.


  • Best image and video quality
  • Clear voice capture


  • Quite expensive

So this is a great webcam for live streaming, so if you want to check it out on please click the button below


Logitech develops gaming accessories such as mice, headsets, or keyboards but has now developed the Logitech Brio Stream view directly on Amazon The name is a bit misleading because the Brio is also sold with the exact technical specifications without the addition of Stream.

The only difference between the two versions is that the stream version includes a 12-month premium license for the streaming software XSplit.

This applies to both the Broadcaster and Gamecaster variants, which otherwise cost around 60 US dollars a year.

The camera itself is connected to a PC or laptop via a USB 3.0 port. It can be connected to PCs with Windows 8 or 10 and computers with Mac OSX.

Speaking of connecting: the camera itself can either be clamped to a monitor or attached to a tripod.

It delivers sharp images up to 4K with 60 FPS and HDR. With the help of the included capture software, all settings can be easily made on the camera.

For example, you can change the resolution and the FPS number or use one of the numerous filters.

Inside, two omnidirectional microphones to transmit the voice clearly, thanks to echo and noise suppression.

But if you want to expand your streaming commitment, you will not be able to avoid purchasing a microphone in the long term.


  • The design is more practical.
  • The voice capture is better.


  • Its software setup is a bit complicated

Logitech is worldwide known for its mouses and webcams, so it’s logical to have one of their webcams on this list. please click on the button below to check out the current price on


Razer takes a different path with his Kiyo.

The webcam view directly on amazon delivers a maximum of Full HD recordings with 30 FPS is really impressive quality.

The greatest specialty of the Kiyo, however, is arranged in a circle around the lens.

Because this is where the light ring is located with its color temperature of 5,600K – this value roughly corresponds to daylight.

This ring light consists of a total of 12 white LEDs that can be controlled in 12 levels.

Thanks to this feature, there is no need to purchase a separate softbox to illuminate the face.

The camera can either be attached to a monitor with a clip or connected to a tripod.

The camera is connected to a desktop PC or laptop using the USB 2.0 cable supplied.

If you want to access the full functionality of the Kiyo, then you should install the current version of the Razer Synapse 3 software.

You can then change the image in detail and use the various image presets such as “Cool,” “Lively,” or “Warm.” Razer relies on an omnidirectional microphone for the Kiyo, but it lacks a few dynamics.



  • The voice captured is not crystal clear.



If you stream regularly or perhaps want to try out other things such as podcasts or dubbing videos, you shouldn’t rely on your headset microphone.

For good sound quality, it is essential to buy a more professional table microphone with a USB port.

You don’t have to get the adjustable arm, but it does help a lot when you want to get the best sound without it interfearing with your gameplay.

The Rode NT-USB view directly on Amazon is particularly popular with streamers and podcasters, as it primarily delivers good sound and, on the other hand, has excellent features.

In addition to the microphone, the scope of delivery includes a 6 meter long USB cable for connection to the PC and a tripod stand, and a pop filter.

If you are often on the go, you can safely stow and transport the microphone in the enclosed bag.

The processing is excellent and leaves little to be desired.

On the right side, there are two rotary controls and a headphone output underneath.

One controller is used to control the volume of the connected headset, and the other is used to mix the microphone and computer sound.

You can use all features of the Rode NT-USB to install the necessary driver software.

The connection to the PC or Mac is very easy, and you can already hear the first results.


  • Insanely sensitive
  • Crisp recording guaranteed


  • Quite expensive

Rode is very famous in fact I have 3 mobile mics from them and they’re phenomenal, press the button below to check out their current price on Amazon.


Blue Microphones has been part of Logitech for a good 2.5 years.

With this, the Swiss company secured the well-known microphone manufacturer’s know-how, which has everything from streamer to high-quality studio microphone in its portfolio.

This expertise is used successfully in the Logitech G headsets as “Blue VOICE” technology.

Also, microphones continue to be developed and brought onto the market for a wide variety of purposes.

The Yeti and Snowball models are particularly popular with streamers. As the final product for streamers, the “Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition” has now been officially launched, which is not only aimed at streamers of the MMO of the same name because of its name.

Even when unpacking the Yeti special edition, it is noticeable that neither details nor materials have been saved.

The 30 cm high microphone and its base weigh around 1.3 kg – the microphone alone weighs over 500 g, as the entire body is made of metal.

The quality gives no cause for criticism, and the look also fits the purpose perfectly.

But not only that: you will also find some presets in the software that makes you sound like a demon, gnome, or orc that sound amazingly good.

If you like, you can adapt these presets to your preferences or create your own voice profiles.

The recording sound of the microphone is excellent.

The voice comes through clearly and distinctly to your listeners and sounds very balanced overall.

However, you should make sure that you have the microphone in front of you at an angle of approximately 90 degrees when speaking due to the side-facing direction.

Besides, four recording modes are available at the push of a button on the back of the


  • Cardioid mode for streaming, for example
  • Ball mode for recording conversations at the round table, among other things
  • Bidirectional mode as an option for interviews
  • And the stereo mode with which, for example, samples can be recorded.

Since the setup is effortless, the Yeti X is suitable for streaming professionals and beginners.

If you don’t value the WoW extras, you can also get the standard version of the Yeti X.

Because it is an excellent microphone in any case.

To use the Yeti X in the World of Warcraft Edition, you need either Windows version 7 or higher or macOS version 10.13 or higher.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • The setup is simple
  • The voice is balanced


  • The micro USB port is not durable

If you would like to check out its current price on Amazon click the button below.



In recent years, Elgato has specialized more and more in the needs of content creators. The streaming division is now part of Corsair and has further expanded its portfolio.

One of the latest new releases is the Elgato Ring Light, which should perfectly illuminate the face of the person standing in front of the camera.

In addition to the 17-inch ring light, the scope of delivery includes a telescopic pole that can be extended up to 74 cm and a table clamp to attach the pole.

Besides, a camera holder sits on a ball joint and a power supply unit with various adapters so that the lamp can also be used abroad.

Streamers in particular who are looking for an addition to their existing equipment will be delighted by the bracket that can be placed in the inner ring of the luminaire.

Because you can attach your camera here, the whole thing should not weigh more than 2 kg. The unique feature is the control of the lamp color and brightness via WLAN.

You can make the settings either via the app (iOS and Android) or via software (MacOS and Windows) that can be downloaded from the manufacturer. Alternatively, this also works directly on the lamp.

Elgato relies on flicker-free Osram LEDs, which deliver a maximum brightness of 2,500 lumens and at the same time cover the color temperature from 2,900 to 7,000 K (Kelvin). The start value corresponds to warm white, while the other stands for daylight white.

The settings can be made precisely thanks to the control system already described. This way, your face can be evenly illuminated in the practical test.

The technology used also ensures that there is no noticeable heat development in front of the camera. Of course, the ring light is not only suitable for live streaming but can also put you in the right light for video conferences or productions.

Ultimately, Elgato’s Ring Light is aimed at ambitious content creators who want to become more professional. The ring light should be the ideal addition to the setup of beauty tutorials.


  • Best value right light
  • Studio standard


  • Quite expensive


The streaming equipment is rounded off with a green screen. So you can make the room at home disappear and place yourself in front of any background.

The previously presented Logitech Brio Stream, for example, has a switch for an automatic green screen in your capture software.

The currently most professional green screen comes from Elgato  view directly on Amazon. With a size of 1.48m x 1.80m, the green screen should stand relatively close behind the streamer.

The green screen is in an aluminum case and can be set up like a canvas. Simply put the case on the floor, open it and then pull out the screen by the handle.

A-frame also comes out together with the screen. Elgato calls it the X-Frames – which lock at the appropriate height.

Then the green screen is ready for use. Overall, the Elgato green screen makes a high-quality impression and is very well made. 


  • Practical case
  • Autolocking frame


  • Suitable only for one-person-streaming

If you want to check out the current price on Amazon click the button on the bottom


A cheaper alternative comes from Neewer view it directly on the Amazon store.

In addition to two stands, this set includes three different backgrounds in black, white, and green and three clips to attach the backgrounds to the supports. The backgrounds’ total area is 1.80m x 2.80 m, significantly larger than the Elgato green screen.

However, the workmanship is far from being as valuable, and the backgrounds are folded in the delivery condition and must first be ironed so that they can be used properly.

All the equipment can be stowed away in the bag supplied after use.


  • Easy to set up and detach
  • Solid material
  • An affordable option for a green screen stand


  • Weak backdrop

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You can find exceptional gear on amazon you just have to look for your needed specifications and budget. thats all

Hope you enjoyed our list. if you can please share our content it helps us rank better on google.

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