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Is There Any Tool to Convert WordPress to HTML?





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WordPress is one of the greatest and most used website builders to date. It’s used worldwide and in a variety of niches and will continue to be one of the best for the foreseeable future.

However, one issue that you may run into is that it operates on both HTML and PHP.

The PHP can sometimes dramatically decrease the load speed, and converting it over to a static HTML site can certainly fix this issue.

So, is there any tool to convert WordPress to HTML? Yes, and there are a few well-reviewed services to choose from. To successfully migrate your WordPress site to static HTML, you can use either of the following – Simply Static, Jekyll and Pelican. Each generator provides an easy to convert system.

With a static HTML website, you’ll receive a much faster load speed and stability.

It can be rewarding progress but also (sometimes) a painful one. In this article, we will discuss how to convert your website into a static HTML format with the various companies mentioned above.

Convert WordPress to HTML

Convert WordPress to Html

How to Migrate from WordPress to HTML 

For the exciting part, you’ve all been waiting for, how to migrate your WordPress website to static HTML. Instead of a typical “how-to”, I’m going to suggest various WordPress services that you can opt-in for migrating your website to HTML.

All methods that are mentioned are super easy to function, and it’ll just require you to follow instructions to whichever service you decide to choose.

Simply Static

The first plugin I want to mention is Simply Static, as they’re the most trusted and have been around for some time now. As suggested by the name “Simply Static”, it’s a static site generator that has been purposely built to convert your WordPress site into static HTML. Here are some more benefits that you can expect to receive from Simply Static:

  • If you’re worried about your website being too big to merge into a static HTML format, you may not have to worry about that with Simply Static. With this generator, you’re able to convert over 20,000 pages into HTML, and soon the developers are planning to make this number much more significant.
  • They suggest that by switching your website from WordPress to a static HTML format, you’ll receive an increase of site performance of around 10%.
  • It’ll convert all images, CSS, JS, and all other files that are linked to this category.


Another static HTML generator that is worth a mention is Jekyll. It’s a blog-orientated HTML generator, and it’s typically used for blog-type websites or small projects.

It’s relatively easy to gain access to your HTML website with this service, and you’ll be set up pretty instantly if you follow their instructions.

Here are some benefits you’ll receive from using Jekyll:

  • They take pride in being blog-aware. Meaning, they’ll transfer all permalinks, categories, pages, and layouts to ensure you won’t damage your rankings.
  • It’s exceptionally universal, and with Jekyll, you’ll be able to convert Markdown, Liquid, HTML & CSS files.
  • They’re also partnered with GitHub so that you can store your whole static HTML website on their repository.  
  • For those who are inexperienced in coding, don’t worry. With Jekyll, they have some of the clearest instructions on the web to make the process less troublesome.


The last static HTML generator I want to mention is Pelican. Like the above, it’ll allow users to write content with either Markdown, Asciidoc, or ReStructedText format and also WordPress.

Again, another remarkable static HTML tool and definitely one worth thinking about. More benefits of Pelican can be found below:

  • Uniquely, it supports features like RSS feed, social media integration, Atom, and Google Analytics.
  • You’re able to use Jinja templates to help publish content.

All of the above can be used to perform the conversion between your WordPress website to static HTML, and it’s really down to personal preference.

Each share similar benefits, but some may prefer others due to their interface or instructions, etc.

Now you understand what services you’re able to use in order to generate your HTML website, let’s discuss the benefits that you’ll receive along with it.  

Benefits of Owning a Static HTML Website

From converting your WordPress website, you can expect an array of benefits. Obviously, this widely ranges on your coding ability, but other than that, you can receive some pretty remarkable advantages.

No underlying software – One of the more prominent advantages of using a static HTML website is that there’s no underlying software to maintain. For instance, when you use a WordPress theme, plugin, or widget, you’re responsible for updating all the necessary coding to ensure it’s compatible with your site.

Failing to do so may result in your added features causing chaos with your themes.

Easier underlying code access – If you need to access your underlying code, it’s much simpler with an HTML static website.

Although WordPress allows access to this, it’s rather wordy and doesn’t make sense to the average coder. With a static site, it’s much easy to read and understand.

A massive increase in security – Think about it, there’s no database involved, no plugins or dynamic software’s to host your website.

Because you’re reducing the number of services, companies, or individuals that can have some sort of access to your website’s back end, will dramatically reduce the chances of a cyber-attack.

Enhanced speed – If you remove the middleman, you get better results. This is the same for owning a static website. By reducing the number of files found on the backend of your site and deducting a database makes for a much faster website.

This PDF, Goes into detail about how a static site can actually increase website performance by ten percent.

It’s much cheaper – Again, because of the small files that are found in a static HTML website means much more inexpensive hosting.

As you’re probably aware, hosting sites charge on how much data you use through them. As your site will be compressed into a much smaller data size, it’ll ultimately reduce your overall hosting cost.


Converting your WordPress website to HTML can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

With the above services, you’re almost able to convert with a click of a button.

It can provide you with some outstanding benefits which I believe are commonly forgotten about during this day in age.

People love the convenience, and as a static HTML website requires a lot more work and skills to maintain, people fear away from it.

However, by not cowering away, you’re able to gain immense benefits.

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