What tools do copywriters use? In 2023




What tools do copywriters use


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In this post, you’re going to learn about seven awesome free copywriting tools that will help you write faster, better, and with less effort.

In fact, these are the same tools that I personally use as a copywriter in my career.

And I know hundreds of people who also use them, one or the other.

And let me tell you something, these tools can definitely help you regardless if you’re a freelance copywriter writing in-house or you’re just doing any other type of writing job, they will make your work so much easier if you’re new here then welcome.

So what copywriter tools are there?

copywriters tools


let’s be honest for a second here, the reasons why people use tools for their work is simply because they make the work easier, faster and get better results with the tool.

Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying “ Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.”

So these tools are well sharpened and ready to use. But as a minor disclaimer, a tool is as good as the person who uses it. So don’t expect to be the greatest novelist just because you have pen and paper.

Nonetheless, these Tools are sure to help you in your copywriting career and if you are already an awesome copywriter well you will be able to 10X your productivity with them.



the first tool I have for you is called the Thesaurus, and before you start wondering what the heck that is, it’s basically a way to discover other words, similar to your word that you don’t want to use, in case of being repetitive.

thesaurus tools results

For example, if you write the word Tools it will give you other words that you can use instead.

Check the results in the image below.

This Tool has made me look smarter a few times so it is very handy when you want to seem a bit wordier (lengthy, chatty, garrulous) than you actually are. you get the idea.

thesaurus website

You should try to bookmark this page you cant imagine how useful it can be when trying to look for synonyms. after a while you will be hooked looking for other words that you can use in your COPY.


The second tool that I have for you is called the Hemingway app.

And yes, it’s based on a famous writer. And what this does is that it analyzes text that you paste in and it highlights readability, word count, and various instances where you’re using passive voice or weak words or your sentences are hard to understand, basically.

So remember, good copywriting is all about an easily understandable, clear text that people have basically fun reading. They enjoy reading it. So if you want to write something, even if it’s a very high-level thing and you start to write academically about it, that copy is not going to convert.
I promise you that. Instead, you have to aim to write at ideally a seventh or eighth-grade level. And you may not believe me this, but Google it and you’ll find that most bestseller books actually are written at the seventh-grade reading level.

And most of the population actually reads at the level that people are super busy. You know, they don’t want to read about complex things and they don’t want very complicated long sentences. So check this out


It’s created by a copywriting company called Copy Hackers and it’s basically a writing two made specifically for creators and for writers.

Well the main reason is that Airstory has a cool tool, a plugin actually for Chrome or Firefox that you can use to basically highlight anything and categorize it as a note inside er story

And whenever you write something you can very easily just drag those notes in and you can format it much more easily than in Google Docs.

airstory home web page


The next tool I have for you is coschedules, headline analyzer, And there are a lot of these types of tools out there that, you know, basically, analyze your headline and they tell you how to improve it. But I found that this is one of the best out there and it’s actually free.

So if I input here how to win friends and Influence People, which is a very famous headline, obviously, it works really well. The tool will give me an overall headline score 76

You know, it will also analyze my word balance because there’s kind of a formula of how many common words, uncommon words, emotional and power words should be in the headline.

It also automatically detects what type of headline this is. It gives me recommendations on the perfect headline Land. And mind you, these are based on on on real-world data.

So this company basically analyzed millions and millions and millions of headlines, And based on the best performing trends, they give you recommendations.

So you better believe that this is true here. Now, that doesn’t mean that you should always write headlines like this, but most of the time it will really make it much more readable and much more engaging.


The next tool I have for you is called Natural Reader.

Again, this is free and this is especially useful if you’re writing scripts like video scripts.

But it can also be extremely helpful if you’re writing any type of direct response copy because it’s really important for your text to flow easily, to be easy to pronounce.

And actually, a lot of copywriters say that you should write as you talk. So there’s this little story that you should write something as if you were saying it to your friend at the bar on a Friday night while having a beer.

so this tool is able to help you. Just think about your copy in another way, because even if you write something, you edited it and you think that, oh, my God, that’s the best copy ever.

And when you listen back to it, you’re going to hear a few places where it just sounds weird. And those are the exact places where you will lose people, especially if you’re writing a video script.

Natural Readers Webpage.


the sixth tool that I want to highlight is called on unsuckit, and it’s a very funny tool. Basically, it’s useful whenever you get an expression that you have no idea what it is.

This tool will crack you up but also give you engaging copy especially for Facebook ads and blog posts since their a nonrestrictive language copy.

But be sure your brand allows for this type of copy.


Tool number 7 that I actually want to highlight here aren’t just copywriting tools it’s an SEO tool. So SEO stands for search engine optimization. And basically, this is used as a WordPress plugin.

you just install it on your website and it will show you a lot of places where you can make your text more readable. It reminds you automatically to add more keywords and it will help you to format your text in a way that’s more Google friendly.

And it also provides a host of other recommendations on how to write your method, tags, your title, all these things. And it’s free

It’s free. It has a paid version as well. But you can use most of the features in the free tier as well.

And if you’re writing anything in WordPress, if you’re publishing blogs, if if SEO is is at least a little bit important to your business.

And it should be if you’re doing anything about content marketing at all, then you should definitely use this because it will create a huge difference on where you will actually rank in Google. And I have one more bonus tool for you guys.


Learn from the masters, in this tool you can download movie scripts and we all know that it is an exceptional copy in movies.

Reading these types of scripts you will become a better writer in a short time.

So you might overlook this tool but it is still a great tool for copywriters.


so if you are a bit lazy and have had a good experience with AI well look no further this tool will increase your productivity 10 fold and even more so if you are planning on writing

  • Producto Description
  • Instagram Caption

because this tool was made for that. Copysmith will generate a copy for you.

this is a time saver if you are in a rush, but I must warn you if you are not going to revise the work or tweak the copy you might be wasting your time.

ai ad copy generator copysmith


yes, this is a keyword tool, but its features don’t just stop there you should check out the competition.

If their copy is doing well you should learn from the copy that is already working. I constantly use this tool and highly recommend checking it out.

Take advantage of that 7-day free trial and get all the information you need on your competition. 

And if you are interested in know a bit more about semrush click on this link to check out my review on it.

Remember to go to OUR TOOLS section and see what tools we are currently using. 


You will not become a great copywriter by using these tools you will be a great copywriter by leveraging these tools with a good knowledge of copywriting. 

You can get lucky and have a few home runs but in the end, it’s consistency and application that will get you to your desired goals.

Hope you enjoy this content and I would appreciate it if you could join our newsletter and share this content if you found value in it.

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