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How much do Digital Marketing Strategist make? It’s a question many people ask.

The answer is that digital marketing strategists can make anywhere from $87,000 to $140,000 annually. And, this salary can go up if you have previous experience in the field and are willing to put forth more hours each week.

In this blog post we will talk about what skills you need to be successful as a Digital Marketing Strategist so that you too can get paid so much!

Digital Marketing Strategist

What Digital Marketing Strategist Do?

Digital Marketing Strategist is someone who researches, plans, and executes campaigns to promote a company.

The strategist must evaluate the customer’s needs and wishes in order to implement a strategy that provides them with what they want or need by using the most effective channels.

The idea of an online marketing plan has developed because it can offer more personalized services than traditional marketing avenues such as print media, television spots, or billboard ads.

Today companies might have multiple websites targeted at specific demographics or even social media profiles for business-to-customer content and campaigns.

That is where digital marketers come in–they help integrate these tactics so they are the best fit for their client’s goals and budget, through data analysis of their target audiences and creative content.

What does a Digital Marketing Strategist do?

Digital Marketing Strategists plan and advise on the execution of marketing campaigns. Digital marketing strategists are a mix of innovative, creative, and tech-savvy individuals who have the ability to identify trends before they peak.

They use those insights to inform international marketing strategies and campaigns for the brands they champion.

Digital strategists use marketing channels and platforms, such as SEO and paid media to combine them into a plan that can be used to market an adventure.

A digital marketing strategist needs talent for data analysis, understanding the results of their own campaigns and those of competitors to decide on ways to move marketing efforts forward.

In the New York Times, Perry Hewitt (Harvard University’s Chief Digital Officer) defines a digital marketing strategist as “a strategic thinker who can combine discipline-specific knowledge with a deep grasp of digital.

To succeed in digital marketing, you should have a balance of hard and soft skills.

People who only focused on one aspect will not be as successful at the highest level.

A Digital Marketing Strategist is written by using these tools and skills to showcase your company’s product or service.

The background story provides the context for understanding the input text. When rewriting it, it can be best to first present the original content in a different way that makes sense.

Digital marketing strategist skills

What skill are digital marketing strategist proficient in?

Digital Marketing Strategist

  • Set successful digital marketing strategies that utilize all of the tools and channels, including emails, analytics, social media and paid media.
  • To understand your competitors, research their campaigns by analyzing the data and understanding their best practices.
  • Identify opportunities to use technology to enhance a business’s marketing strategy


  • Conduct analysis of website traffic and find ways to improve SEO.
  • Create more content that is optimized for search engines and use the content to further your online presence.
  • Manage inbound marketing, PPC, AdWords, and SEO strategies

Brand Management

  • Use frameworks to build up your company’s brand equity and value.
  • Becoming a digital marketing strategist means you’ll be responsible for assessing whether or not your company’s strategies are aligned appropriately.
  • Tools like social media, blogs and newsletters are incredibly helpful for generating a unique brand identity for your product.

What are the career prospects for a Digital Marketing Strategist?

A defining feature of the strategist’s role in digital marketing is not limited to one function. Marketing strategy is a role that spans multiple marketing roles and teams and requires a wide range of skills.

According to a recent General Assembly assessment, there is a 33% skills gap in the job market that employers are having trouble filling due to the lack of people with digital marketing strategies skills.

This opportunity is especially appealing to those used to managing a digital marketing strategy.

What education does a Digital Marketing Strategist require?

Although a university degree is preferred for the job of Digital Strategist, skills are also developed by gaining experience.

A successful digital marketing strategist needs to be more than just qualified, they also need the right instincts. Skills common in this industry are often taught through experience, making it difficult for new strategists to fill the position from an unrelated background.

When starting to work in digital marketing, developing knowledge and skills will allow you to be successful.

The basic education for becoming a digital marketing strategist is any of the following

A Business Science Degree in:

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Related field

A Bachelor’s Degree in:

  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Journalism

As a digital marketing strategist, you’ll need skills in many different areas to be successful.

Being a digital marketing strategist is hard work, but the energy and opportunity that come with it are worth the effort.

Done correctly, your digital marketing plan will work seamlessly with other traditional tactics.

You won’t have to spend a lot and you’ll reach markets that were previously inaccessible to you.

The digital marketing industry is one of the fastest-growing branches in all of marketing.

To attract new audiences, digital marketers need to understand the world’s newest developments and trends.

It is the task of a digital marketing strategist to use holistic strategies to make an unforgettable impact with internet marketing courses.

Most digital marketing professionals are constantly “on-call” for their clients. A strategist may be working with a client on the day of launch, and then following up to address any issues that arise during the first month after implementation.

Some people go into this type of work because they want an empowering career in which they can take charge while others do it as a side job when they’re not able to find traditional employment.

Digital marketers have grown from being just public relations specialists or graphic designers to becoming strategists who develop multi-channel campaigns across various media formats like social networks, video games, blogs, and more through tactics such as SEO (search engine optimization), blogging, and quality content development among many other things.

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