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Facebook has expanded immensely, but it hasn’t lost its original purpose – a place where you can connect with old friends or make new ones.

Despite Facebook’s growing features and functions, certain activities are restricted for security reasons on the social networking giant.

So if you´re question is Why Facebook Won’t Let Me Add Friends? You are in the right place.

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Facebook Won't Let Me Add Friend

When You Are Not Able to Add Someone on Facebook

Adding people as friends on Facebook who you know personally is always a good idea, however, you can add a friend request to anyone using your Facebook account.

In many cases, you may be unable to add someone as a friend on Facebook because of one or more of the following reasons:

TOP 8 Reasons Why Facebook Won’t Let Me Add Friends

  • Friend Request Limits: Facebook has limits on how many friends requests you can send in a given time period. If you’ve reached this limit, you’ll have to wait before sending more requests. Typically, this limit resets after a certain period.
  • Privacy Settings: If your privacy settings are set to be very restrictive, it may prevent you from sending friend requests. Make sure your privacy settings allow for friend requests.
  • Suspicious Activity: If Facebook detects suspicious or spammy behavior from your account, it might temporarily restrict your ability to send friend requests. Ensure that your account is secure and not engaging in any suspicious activities.
  • Friend Request Block: Facebook might have blocked your ability to send friend requests if you’ve recently had too many friend requests ignored or rejected. This block can last for a few days to a few weeks.
  • Incomplete Profile: Having an incomplete or suspicious-looking profile can lead to restrictions on adding friends. Fill out your profile with accurate information and a profile picture.
  • Age Restrictions: Facebook has age restrictions, and if you’re under the minimum age requirement, you won’t be able to add friends.
  • Community Standards Violations: If you’ve violated Facebook’s community standards or engaged in behavior that goes against their policies, it can result in restrictions on friend requests.
  • Technical Issues: Sometimes, technical glitches can cause issues. Try logging out and back in, clearing your browser cache, or using a different browser or device.
 Why Facebook Won't Let Me Add Friends?
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You or the Person you Are Sending a Friend Request to Have Exhausted the Limit

You can actually have a maximum number of Facebook friends. Then you will no longer be able to friend someone who has reached the 5000 friend limit.

If you try to track them down on Facebook, you should see that they have 5000 friends.

Your personal Facebook account must be changed to a Facebook Page if you want to have more than 5,000 friends on Facebook. 

Fix: You will not be able to add them if someone who has reached this limit sends you a friend request.

Accepting the friend request will not add them to your list of friends, nor will accepting it add you to theirs.

The option to message someone with 5,000 friends or more remains available.

In order to send another friend request, you will have to unfriend someone else in your FB account if you do not wish to change your personal account to an FB page.

In addition, you can follow someone by simply clicking the “Following” option if the person you wish to add has that feature.

Friend request not accepted by the person

A Facebook friend request needs to be accepted by the recipient before she/he becomes your friend. 

Fix: It is recommended to check if the friend request has yet to be approved by the person to whom you sent it.

Only Friends – Privacy Settings

It’s common for people to change their privacy settings on Facebook, which prevents you from adding them.

The privacy settings in one of your accounts may restrict you from receiving friend requests from other friends. That could also account for why you can’t add someone on Facebook.

You probably won’t be able to send a friend request if this person’s Friend Request privacy is set to “Friends of Friends.” If you don’t have any mutual friends, their privacy will be set to “Friends of Friends.” 

Fix: You can still send them a request, and you can ask them to do so by messaging them.

Due to the fact that you are not friends with the person, your message will land on their message requests page.

This might mean it will take a while for them to see it.

Changes in the privacy settings can be made either by requesting a request or asking the person to send you one.

The Friend Request Got Deleted

People have the option of accepting your friend request or deleting it. 

Fix: You can try sending a friend request again or ask the person to send you one of their requests that was deleted by the person to whom you sent it.

Check Your Block List

It might be a good idea to check if blocking them is the reason you can’t access their profile when trying to add someone.

It’s entirely possible you forgot since you haven’t done this for a while. 

Using the block feature on Facebook, users can avoid being bothered by anyone.

Before you send a friend request, make sure you haven’t been mistakenly blocked by the person you are inviting.

Depending on the situation, you will have to ask him/her to unblock you first before asking them to unblock you.

Fix: Your block list is available on Facebook, so you can check who you’ve blocked.

This can be viewed by going to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Blocking.

You can check this page to see if the person you want to add is one of the people you’ve blocked.

Unblocking them is as easy as selecting the Unblock button next to their username. 

You Are Blocked from Sending Friend Requests

Despite following the above suggestions, you may still be unable to send a friend request because you are currently blocked from doing so for the following reasons:

  • Recently, you’ve sent out many friend requests through your account.
  • Earlier, you sent friend requests that went unanswered.
  • Your past friend requests were rejected.

People on Facebook have the option to prevent other people from viewing their profiles or interacting with them in any way.

Apart from being unable to see their profile, you will also not be able to view their posts, photos, or comments, nor will you be able to communicate with them.

When you message someone, you will see whether they have blocked you. Your ability to message them has been blocked if you cannot reach them at all. 

Fix: You can expect it to end on its own since this kind of blocking on Facebook is temporary.

The Account Is Deactivated

A deactivated account may also prevent you from adding someone.

Unless someone completely deletes their account, their account usually remains in some form.

However, because their account has been deactivated, no one will be able to send them friend requests.

A deactivated account will reappear if a user decides to log into Facebook again. Even if they have their accounts deactivated, they can continue to use Messenger, so if you wish to message them, you can do so. 

Keep In Mind

Many people have a problem when it comes to adding friends on Facebook.

It’s a common problem, and it’s one that can be fixed with a little help.

We hope that our blog post about how to add friends on Facebook helps you find a solution that works for you.

If you have any other Facebook problems, check out our other blog posts on the topic.

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