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How To Add Whatsapp Button To Facebook Post! Increase Engagement And ROI





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Several years ago, people were asking questions when Facebook bought Whatsapp for over $19 billion dollars.

Was it worthwhile to invest in that?

Through Facebook, both businesses are able to communicate in a consistent manner so that both audiences are connected.

Our community uses WhatsApp most often. With the app, smartphone users now have easy access to information and can easily communicate, and with its convenience, it can be used efficiently as a community management tool.

As a result of the launch of WhatsApp for Business, brands can now establish a business account on the app to connect with their customers easily.

How To Add Whatsapp Button To Facebook Post

Facebook For Business:

With the Facebook advertising platform, Facebook Pages and WhatsApp Buttons have been able to connect for a few years.

You can connect your Facebook Page to WhatsApp functions.

Facebook is taking yet another step toward monetizing Whatsapp.

A button can now be included in an advert that is linked to an organic post that has been boosted.

Users can communicate with them using the new messaging app.

Facebook constantly offers a click-to-message feature which is very, very popular since November 2016.  

When a customer clicks on an advertiser’s ad or a company’s Ad on Facebook, he or she is able to connect with that company’s page and communicate instantly.

Why is WhatsApp important for your brand?

  • Connecting your WhatsApp Business number to your Facebook page will enable you to add a button that allows people to contact you using WhatsApp. Your audience can connect with you quickly by using this strategy for lead generation.

A WhatsApp number can also be included in your page, and be used as a CTA either on your profile or in your advertisement. Sounds convenient, doesn’t it?

A major reason for digital marketing’s success and popularity is its convenience. From anywhere and at any time, you can access any brand. Due to its rapid growth, brands must be able to communicate with their customers through a variety of touchpoints.

  • Facebook allows you to display ads with WhatsApp messages as the call-to-action button.

Moreover, WhatsApp is so widely accessible that it can bring your brand even closer to your customer and can improve communication, like Facebook Messenger, without the need for a separate app.

In light of all these factors, it becomes even more imperative that you are available at all key business touchpoints to make connecting with you as convenient as possible. 

How to add whatsapp button on facebook page

Your brand can not only be found in one place by setting up WhatsApp for Business, but your contacts will have access to all the details about your brand through your business profile.

1.Find the WhatsApp tab in your Facebook settings

In order to use WhatsApp as a business, you must first establish a business profile.

A business profile can be established through the WhatsApp app.

The only reason I mention Android is that this app is currently only compatible with this platform.

You may wonder why there is a separate app.

The settings page on your Facebook page can be accessed by logging in as an administrator.

The Whatsapp tab can be found on the left side; click on it.

With this application, you can add a WhatsApp CTA button to your website page.

The application lets you know about messages sent, received, read, and responded to, as well as helps you assess how well you are communicating with your customers.

2.Connect your WhatsApp to Facebook 

Next, enter your WhatsApp number (normally, your mobile or cell phone number). Don’t forget your country area code.

Use your country area code to find your WhatsApp number.

To see if your page admin can enable the WhatsApp tab for you, contact them and ask if the tab isn’t visible to you due to page permission. 

3.Verify the code facebook sends you

You cannot add your phone number to Facebook’s About section unless it has been verified by Facebook. 

To verify your number, enter the verification code Facebook sends to your phone.

You can add the numbers to your Facebook page once you have confirmed the numbers…

4.Test it to ensure it is working

Adding a WhatsApp button will actually result in displaying the Whatsapp icon at the end of every Facebook post.

Verify whether your task was successful by looking at the end of your post.

Those who wish to contact you can do so through the button.

When it is finished, you’ll be able to see it on your Whatsapp tab…

Keeping your personal Whatsapp line out of this will make it a lot easier for you to deal with the number of messages accumulated over time.

Because Facebook is such a major social media platform, a lot of requests, inquiries, and orders are likely to arise.

Final Words:

A WhatsApp number of the business needs to be added to the contact list of the user in order to initiate a conversation.

Businesses that want to spam users will be prevented from doing so. Upon doing so, a default message conveying interest appears in the messenger app.

Before sending, users can edit this message.

Facebook will provide advertisers with certain analytics that will allow them to measure their results.

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