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Every editor needs the right tools for their craft. The best video editor apps are not just limited to expensive software, and there are plenty of great options that have been developed in recent years.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best video editing apps for Android and IOS that offer professional-grade features without requiring you to spend an arm and a leg on them.

Apple’s iPhone has always come with one of the best smartphone cameras and many users take advantage of this by taking beautifully shot photos and videos on it.

Once you have that footage, you’re going to want a way to edit it. 

Although iOS has its own editor, lucky for us, there are plenty of third-party apps that can give you more editing capabilities to make your videos shine.

Many of the video-editing apps found in the App Store can rival desktop editing apps and they are also very easy to use. Some can even turn a drab, boring video into something spectacular in a matter of minutes. 

editors apps video

But If you want to have a very intuitive video building WebApp there is nothing better than you can edit and create videos from templates with a huge library of videos and stock images everything you would need to create high converting and engaging videos.

Top 5 Editor Apps Video For Iphone

1. iMovie

With so many new and exciting features, it’s easy to see why iMovie is one of the most beloved video-editing apps today. Its intuitive interface allows you to get started with making your own movie for social media in moments. 

Might prefer: movies on a mobile device like iPhone iPad

2. Magisto

Magisto is the perfect app for those who are just getting their feet wet in video editing.

The straightforward and easy-to-use interface will have beginners creating and sharing videos in minutes – all you have to do is choose a theme, pick from some fun music, add your video clips, edit the timings with our simple slider bars.

Say goodbye to hours of working on every single detail! And don’t worry if this isn’t something you want to do on a regular basis. Magisto offers anything from subscription packs that include unlimited cloud storage space as well as downloads for content created by pro users.

With premium features like these, it’s no pressure at all to hone your skills after experimenting with what Magisto has to offer.

3. Video Star

Video Star is the best music video making app for android and iOS.

Making your own videos just got a whole lot easier, thanks to this amazing app.

You can also pick from songs from your personal library or choose one of the many free ones that are now on Video Star.

The best part is in-app purchases that let you add more effects to make even better videos.

4. VivaVideo

Free with every mobile, VivaVideo is the perfect companion to photo and video lovers alike.

With a built-in videocam, simplicity of use, and free in-app extras like filters and special effects – using your smartphone has never been more fun!

5. Replay

Remember when you used to take videos on your phone? You’d film some sweet stunts with friends, post them on Snapchat and have a blast. Replay lets everyone do it again.

This app has all the features of Instagram plus others that will make sure your memorable moments are unforgettable! Get creative off the bat with one-tap filters, pick any soundtrack from your iTunes playlist or record a track on-the-fly if you want to keep what’s going down between locals private.

Loved ones don’t have an account but they’ll see every single video in Wide View mode without having to sign up for anything (thanks for staying true).

Best Android Video Editing Apps


Quick is an amazing video app that can do a lot of different things! This app lets you use Quick for any occasion with the variety of themes and graphics it has.

You get to customize your story with slide overlays and text.

There are over 100 free ringtones included in this app! Add them to your videos or take control with editing features like rotate, crop, playback as fast or slow as you want, edit scenes out, program subtitles- even add emojis! With all those options available for FREE on the Quik App, what else could you ask for?


Kinemaster is an easy to use video editor.

The drag-and-drop interface will remind you of a modern day Microsoft, it’s the beautiful look and feel of KineMaster that steals your heart with just one click.

“KineMaster is another powerful and feature-packed video editor.”


Everyone loves a great selfie. In today’s world, it’s more than just a challenging technique of using one hand to snap the perfect moment from an arm’s length away-it is an art form unto itself.

One would be hard pressed to go anywhere without encountering at least one person with their fingers stretched out in position beneath their chin and some variation of light shining on their face as they confound all notions of personal space (especially that gross neighbor who just walked by for what felt like the hundredth time).

FilmoraGo values this upstart tradition that has manifested as social media shorthand for “hello,” “goodbye,” or even “nice weather we’re having.” But you don’t have to stop there! With


InShot is one of the best free video editing apps for Android.

It provides all the features you need such as trimming and cropping videos and movies, blurring backgrounds instead of cropping them, and adding music and effects.

With InShot, you can get full-screen movies that fit the screen in any resolution you want.

Vive video

With VivaVideo, you can create amazing slow motion video and slideshow.

You don’t need to be a professional anymore as VivaVideo has the best video editing app available for free download on your Android devices.

It has 800+ cool effects that are easy-to-use, whether you want to add funny stickers or filters and animated clips to make your videos even more special.

They also have subtitles which is important if you’re sharing with people who don’t speak the same language as yours because not only will they be able to watch it but they’ll understand what’s happening in the content too! In addition, they’ve got photo editor built right into it so you can edit things like brightness, contrast, etc before cutting and making any alterations


VideoShow is undoubtedly one of the best video editing apps available on the free Android play store.

VideoShow is reliable and easy to use with a friendly interface, not to mention helpful tutorial videos that make it so anyone can master editing in just minutes.

In addition to original works, you can add text, effects, music, and sound effects to your video by adding or dubbing it in real time.

So what should you do with this amazing app? Make memes! World hunger videos! SAT prep tutors for kids! The possibilities are endless–all you need is a fresh idea.


With 100+ advanced video effects, Funimate is perfect for a short video that can be shared instantly.

The platform comes with thousands of free stickers and masks to help you create the funniest videos ever.

This app is perfect for creating fun videos fast.

With so many available video editing apps, you can create unique videos from your favorite moments and share them on social media instantly.

This app’s has over 100 advanced video effects are perfect for short videos.


Vlogit is a free simple video editing software that lets you create awesome videos with quick and easy functions. Share your fun moments or design a music mix on the go without any ads!

Moviemaker filmmaker

As the best video editor android app of its kind, Moviemaker is everything you need for successful videos.

Free and easy to use, it’s a great choice among the many other more expensive options available. Best of all, these features work well on bigger screens such as iPad or iPhone.

As part of your glam squad that needs only one stop – this handy applicaton does it all!


With more than 50 million downloads on Android, PowerDirector is the world’s most powerful video editing software.

To begin sharing your story with friends and family, download this app for free today for PC or Android. Edit and share videos up to 4K resolution to feel confident that they can be experienced in high quality, make fast or slow videos with motion control to surprise viewers every time, fix shaky camera images quickly with video stabilizer so all of the memories stay perfectly still.

Replace backgrounds with green screens when you only have one shot at capturing your surroundings.

Power Director might not be a cheap alternative but it allows you to pick how much money you want spend and what features matter most so you get exactly what you need without overpaying

Motion Ninja

Motion Ninja is a video editor and live photo slideshow maker for Android devices.

With this powerful app you can create your own videos with key frame animation, After Effects-style effects, chroma key green screen technology, great music video editing features, and much more.

Want to get started? You know what to do!

More Video Editors

You know we like to over deliver so here are some other editors we are sure you will love.


You want to make your content more engaging, but you don’t know how?

WaveVideo is the easiest way to create and edit videos for social media, emails, website, blog posts.

With 200M of stock video clips and images at your fingertips and a ton of customization options it’s never been easier to enrich your content with awesome visuals.

And if that wasn’t enough we also have tons of templates so you can get started right away!

You’ll be able to customize everything from fonts and colors to background music or captions in just a few clicks.

Plus our library has over 200M stock video clips and images so there are plenty of options for whatever you’re looking for.

So what are you waiting for? Create an account today! 

Sign up now by clicking this Link!

YouTube Capture

Are you looking for a way to edit your videos on the go?

YouTube Capture is an app that lets you do simple editing, stitch and trim your videos will on the go. Once the video is done, add the soundtrack or background music you want, color stabilization and run some color correction before sharing it on Youtube.

It’s easy to use with just one tap!

You can share your memories with friends and family in seconds without ever having to leave home.

You don’t need any complicated software or expensive equipment – all you need is this app! Share those precious moments of life as they happen with everyone who matters most.

And if you’re not sure what kind of video to make, try our “What’s Hot” section for ideas from other users like yourself!

Download YouTube Capture today by clicking here!


You can use our app to record, edit and remix clips of any length in seconds. And it’s all free! It’s a great way for you and your friends to create awesome videos together.

Plus, we have some really cool features that let you make video montages from other people’s clips too.

Share your best moments with family and friends by making a MixBit today! We’re so excited about this new platform that we want everyone to be able to try it out for themselves – just click the button below now!

Click here now to download the app or visit us at !


We know the feeling. That’s why we created Splice. It has desktop quality tools that make it easy to edit your work with precision.

And there are tons of in-app purchases available so you can add effects or transitions to your project too!

Splice is perfect for anyone who wants an easy way to edit their videos without any fuss. Download Splice today!

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Lumify is the perfect place for beginners. It’s easy and straightforward, so you can get started right away.

Just drag and drop your videos into the timeline, add in some music from your library or our stock music, add in voice overs if you want them, and then choose from one of our filters or environmental effects to finish it off.

And with Lumify’s new “Auto-Save” feature, there are no more worries about losing all your hard work!

You’ll be able to create professional looking videos without any hassle at all – just have fun creating something that will look great on social media! With Lumify everything is possible.

So what are you waiting for? Get started now!

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Action Movie FX 

Action Movie FX is an app that can give your videos that Hollywood touch. You get 6 high quality special effects, but more are available through in-app purchase.

It’s easy to use and only takes seconds for the effect to be applied.

With Action Movie FX, all you have to do is select the desired effect and then choose the video or photo from your library.

And voila! Your video will look like it was filmed on location in some exotic locale with explosions going off in the background as if there were a war zone nearby.

The possibilities are endless!  Action Movie FX has something for everyone – whether you’re looking for a fun way to spice up family photos or want some help making your next YouTube video stand out from the crowd, this app has got you covered!

The best part about this app is that it’s free – so what are you waiting for? Download today and start editing away!

Download Action Movie FX now by clicking here!


Do you want to make your iPhone videos look like they were filmed in Hollywood?

Cinefy is an app that will transform your iPhone video into a cinematic masterpiece. With just one tap, the app can give you the perfect filter for any occasion.

You’ll be able to choose from over 100 different filters and effects with more being added every week! The best part is that it’s free!

Download Cinefy today and start making your own Hollywood-quality videos on your phone! It’s easy, fun, and totally free.

All of this without having to spend hours editing or paying hundreds of dollars for professional software. 

Click this link now to download Cinefy today!


With Spotliter, you don’t have to worry about bad lighting ruining your video anymore.

Now you can be in control of how your video looks by adding filters before filming! And if there are any problems with the filter, just tap the undo button and try again until it’s perfect.

No more worrying about editing later – just capture what really happened in real time!

Click this ad right now and download Spotliter today!


You love to create photo collages, but you also like to make videos.

VideoCollage lets you do the same with videos! It’s easy and fun. Plus, it makes it simple for you to share your creations on social media or in-app purchases remove ads and watermark.

Download VideoCollage now and start creating video collages today! Share them with friends, family members, or even post them online for everyone to see. The possibilities are endless – so what are you waiting for? Get started now!

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It’s the perfect app for anyone who needs to make quick edits and share them with friends, family or followers on social media.

You can stitch together your video clips, slap in some filters and stock music and off the video goes to Facebook or Twitter.

Add music and remove watermarks with an in-app purchase.

Download Clipper today! It’s free! And it’s easy! So what are you waiting for? Get editing now!

Cute Cut

Cute Cut is the ultimate movie editing app that lets you create your own unique films.

It’s easy to use and has a ton of features, like drawing on videos with our powerful drawing tools! You can also add text, music, filters and more to make your film perfect.

Whether you want to be a filmmaker or just have fun making short clips for friends and family, Cute Cut is the best way to do it.

And if you need help with anything along the way we have tutorials that will teach you how to get started in no time at all!

Download Cute Cut today from the App Store!


If you’re looking for the best video editing app for your mobile device, we have a list of some great ones to check out. There are plenty of options available in both IOS and Android marketplaces so don’t worry if one or two doesn’t work well with your operating system! We hope this blog post has helped you find an easy way to edit videos on-the-go without all the hassle. To see what other articles we offer about smartphone technology

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