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Have you been struggling to find invideo editing software that is affordable? If so, this blog post will be a lifesaver. We will take an in-depth look at invideo editing software and what features it should have for the best user experience. The invideo editing software we are talking about is from and they offer three different options to suit your needs (iMovie, Avid Media Composer, Premiere Pro).

Invideo editing software

Why would you want an Invideo Alternative?

Many invideo editing software developers have been making their software more and more expensive.

They offer all of these features that you will never use when you first start out with invideo editing, but if you want to take your invideo editing skills seriously they are necessary tools for a professional environment.

So what is the budget-friendly alternative? There are many options available today which allow users to edit videos without needing invideo typing skills or having access to expensive equipment (iMovie on Macs, Windows Movie Maker).

We have research what is the best Invideo Alternative:

We would only suggest an application that can do the same as invideo on all the parameters they sell to their users so these 2 alternatives can do more than invideo editing software can offer.

What are the main features that invideo offers?

#1 Premade Templates

Premade templates to use for editing videos in a similar way to invideo’s interface and design.

The simplicity this application could be useful for beginners who want to learn how to edit their own videos without starting from scratch or having complicated controls they don’t understand what they do, like invideo.

#2 Text to video

convert any text to video, this was one of the main features when invideo launch the editor but its not a feature you can’t find on other editors now a days.

#3 Blank Canvas

A blank canvas to start a project from scratch, invideo has this feature too but the other editors also have that.

Is Invideo Worth your Money?

currently the pricing is about 30 dollars a month.

To be honest not really, right now the features are very limited and you might want more features and functionality.

Best Invideo Alternatives

So what are the best Invideo alternatives? There are 2 we know that will help you complete any task on video that you might want to get done. Promo is about the same price but has more functions than invideo, and has a lot of functions and its only 24 dollars and it also lets you host your videos which is an incredible price for that feature. is the world’s most powerful video creation software, with over 100 million users and counting. It’s a one-stop shop for all your video needs – from social media videos to product explainers to ad campaigns.

And it’s so easy! You don’t need any experience or expensive equipment, just an idea and some time.

With, you can create compelling videos in minutes that will help grow your business at scale – without breaking the bank on production costs or hiring a team of experts.

Plus, we offer unlimited storage space and 24/7 customer support if you ever need us! So what are you waiting for? Get started today! 

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Do you want to make videos for your social media, email, website and blog? is the only tool you need! With 200M of stock video clips, images and audio files available at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to create a professional-looking video.

Customize templates with our easy drag-and-drop editor or upload your own background music. Add captions in any language for an international audience.

Embed on your blog with just one click or share across all major social networks like Facebook and Twitter with a single click. Get started today!

You can use Wave’s free trial to see how easy it is to create videos that look great on any device – desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet – without having to download anything else! Plus we offer unlimited storage so you’ll never run out of space again when uploading content from other sources such as YouTube and Vimeo.

And if you’re not happy after 30 days, cancel anytime within the first month for a full refund!  

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Choosing good software for video editing can be difficult. After all, not every program is perfect and it’s hard to know which one will work best for you or your budget. That’s why we wanted to share our thoughts on two of the best alternatives to Invideo that might help make a decision easier – Promo and both offer better features at a much more affordable price than Invideo does without sacrificing quality or usability in any way.

If you want even more information about these programs, check out the rest of our blog where we talk about what sets them apart from other similar products so that you can find the right fit for your needs! Check out our post on Content Tools

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