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If you’ve ever tried to search for video editing apps on Android, it can quickly become questionable if there are any watermark-free options. We understand this struggle (I’ve personally been here before) and want to make the abundance of choices into a more manageable selection. Below we talk about the best free video editing applications for Android that haven’t got watermarks.


Top 5 Watermark Free Video Editing Applications for Android

  1. YouCut
  2. InShot
  3. VLLO
  4. ActionDirector
  5. Adobe Premiere Rush

All of the above either have no watermarks or have the ability to remove watermarks for entirely free by watching short promotional videos. Although these five are all excellent choices when it comes to free editing apps for Android, let’s discuss why they’re the best, so you’re able to grasp a general understanding of each application.


In the first place is YouCut, and you won’t be disappointed with this app. If you’re looking for an “all-rounder” mobile video editor that is entirely free from watermarks and well-trusted in the community, then YouCut is for you. Its straightforward and sleek interface makes it simple to learn and can be picked up in just a few minutes.

Why we love YouCut:

  • Video merger & joiner – A simple feature that many editors fail to offer. Here you’ll be able to merge video clips into one clip without losing any of its quality.
  • Video speed control – This feature allows you to speed up or slow down video depending on your scene.
  • Slideshow maker – Within this app, you’re able to add music, photos, and video. By combining all of these, you can create slideshows that provide impact and meaningfulness.
  • Color adjustments – Included with the above features, you’re able to edit video or pictures brightness, saturation, contrast, and much more.
  • Watermark-free – Unlike some of the below, this app is entirely watermark-free and doesn’t require you to watch any videos to remove it.


This next Android video editor, InShot, is another trendy choice within the community. With over nine and a half million downloads, it’s clear to understand this app holds a “wow” factor. It’s a powerful HD video editor that comes with plenty of features such as trim & cut video, blur background, transition effects, and audio implementation. This app has targeted itself towards the social media market and takes great pride in knowing they have the best editor for YouTube, Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram videos.

Why we love InShot:

  • Multifunctionality – InShot is an excellent all-rounder with everything to do with music, sound effects, and recording. Within these features, you can alter many settings, crop, combine and compress video, and merge multiple clips into one.
  • Video Transition Effects – Transitioning from either photos or videos needs to be smooth. With InShot, you’re able to create a great transition with over 55+ effects.
  • Filters and Effects – Want to bring a bundle of life to your edits? Like, stop motion, old TV, glitch effect, EGB? This is all available on InShot with also your traditional brightness and saturation settings, etc.
  • Text Overlay & Stickers – Add text, animated stickers, and emojis to any clip you’d like for a set time frame. Perfect for creating short story clips.


Third on the list is VLLO, and this really amazed us for individuals that like to create daily vlogs of themselves for either short story clips or complete YouTube videos. VLLO has a simple interface that beginners, amateurs, and professionals can efficiently operate to create a beautiful video. This application does offer a premium version. However, the free app is more than enough to get you started.

Why we love VLLO:

  • Professionalism – This app has blown us away with the production level it offers. By just using your fingers, you’re able to add animation effects, pin blur, trim, increase/decrease speed, or rearrange video.
  • Royalty-free features – During this day and age, Copywrite laws have become stricter within the years. Bypass this with their 200+ royalty-free music selection.
  • Voice over recording – Something the above suggestions fail to offer is voice-over recording, and even better, when you’re editing, you can generate a voice-over with a single touch of a button.
  • Plenty of Additional Features – We love mobile apps that provide value, are easy to use, and of course, free. With VLLO, you’re able to gain access to features that’ll make your editing process much more manageable.


This next video editor, ActionDirector, has been an Editors’ Choice on the Google Play store for some time now. On this application, you’ll be able to edit, record, apply video/audio effects, and most importantly, share with your friends through various social media’s.

The simplicity of this app is remarkable, and it’s more than worth a download. It’s equipped with enough features to potentially create your first viral video, action movie, or vlog if that’s your style. ActionDirector’s mission was to define all odds and create a mobile video editor that can produce the same amount of value as a desktop version, and they’ve managed just that. 

Why we love ActionDirector:

  • Effortlessness – It’s a simple app, but it certainly packs a punch and grants you some great features to start editing your videos right away.
  • A good all-rounder – For a free mobile app, it’s great. The ability to transition both video and audio is relatively easy to understand as well as adding popular elements including text overlay, brightness, animated stickers and much more. 
  • Action Movie Effects – All of the video editors mentioned have slow and fast motion options that allow you to control the clip’s speed. But we’ve taken a particular liking to this one as it’s super easy to understand and implement.
  • Shareability – If you’re editing videos, the likelihood of you wanting to share them with the world is high. With this app, you can easily share through messaging apps, social networks, and much more.

5.Adobe Premiere Rush

What would a video editing article be without Adobe? From personal experience, every listicle I’ve seen for video editing software’s or applications has some type of Adobe program on there. However, there’s good reasoning for it. All their software’s are spectacular and provide nothing but excellence to their customers.

In the number five spot, we have Adobe Premiere Rush, which is surprisingly free. This potent tool can help anyone quickly create videos that look remarkably good without even having to filter through how-to blogs. The free version comes with a lot of features that’ll help any novice editor out with their editing journey. However, if you choose to opt-in for the “pro” version, you’ll gain access to a bulk load of additional features such as their royalty-free soundtracks, animated titles, and overlays.

Currently, Adobe Premiere Rush is a popular choice for all social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, for all types of genres and industries.

Why we love Adobe Premiere Rush:

Professional standard – Even with the free version, you’re able to create content that is unforgettable through its quality and smooth transitions. 

Easy to understand – It’s simple, and you’re able to generate videos that you are proud of by just using your mobile. Animated Titles – Something that really caught our eye was their animated titles. Here you’re able to use built-in graphics to generate fantastic titles and overlays.

Hope this article helps you to get better editing results from your Android Phone. If you are interested check out 101 Social Content Tools, I’m sure you will find something to increase your results.

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