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Why do some people hate video games so much?





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Have you ever wondered why do some people hate video games so much? I mean, people say they’re a great source of escapism and can provide you with that much-needed joy to fuel your day.

Well, that statement would be true if individuals could control the amount of time they played per day and/or per week.

However, this is a struggle for most, and this is why I personally hate video games.  

Some people hate video games, but it’s generally the older generation. They believe it’s an addicting and unrealistic representation of life. It can take away quality time that can be spent doing other valuable activities such as spending time with your family, friends, doing exercise, etc.

But although some people hate video games (including myself), there are always two sides to the story.

Someone may play video games as it’s a means of happiness for them, somewhere where they can shut off from the world.

Everyone from time to time needs to escape from reality to gather their thoughts.

The only difference is people who hate video games perform escapism differently.

For instance, they might do yoga or go for a walk. But as the world develops, providing yourself with relaxing activities is becoming easily accessible from your home.

In this article, we’ll be discussing why I hate video games so much and the effect they may have on a person.

5 Reasons on Why People Hate Video Games So Much. Why do some people hate video so much

5 Reasons on Why People Hate Video Games So Much

Individuals hate video games for all types of reasons. Not all can be mentioned below as it typically depends on the person’s hate.

However, below you’ll be able to see my comprehensive opinion on why I and others hate video games.

Social Disconnection

1.Social Disconnection

It’s clear that video games can interrupt somebody’s life as they’re taken away from reality.

Although this is only a serious matter if somebody is spending countless hours a day playing video games, it’s something I thought I would mention.

Video games are addictive, and that’s what developers strive for so they can increase the consumer’s playtime.

Playing video games increases the levels of dopamine that are released in your brain.

For those who don’t know, dopamine is classified as the “happy” molecule in the brain, and when you partake in joyful activities, it releases and makes us feel good.

Although this is great, you can get addicted to the dopamine effects, and over time if you play continuously, it’ll become harder and harder to activate the “feel good” feeling you first ever received.

If a video gamer becomes addicted to the increased levels of dopamine, they can quickly become reliant on video games and play for the majority of the day.

This is where the social disconnection comes into play, as the individual won’t want to spend time with family or friends as they aren’t able to provide the much-needed dopamine levels that a video game can offer.

Studies show this also, between 2009 and 2010, a social experiment was performed on secondary school students in the city of Isfahan. The study findings show that students that weren’t addicted to video games had better social interactions than those who are.

2.Negative Effects on The Brain

Any addiction can have adverse effects on the brain, which is the same as being addicted to playing video games. Although playing video games isn’t directly linked to developing mental health issues.

There have been studies that suggest that playing video games obsessively can have an increased chance of enhancing the following matters:

  • Negative emotions from the lack of actual social events and vitamin D from the sun.
  • Low self-esteem due to the reduced social interaction with peers.
  • Poor school performance from either staying up late playing videos games or thinking about them while at school.
  • Favour solitude over being with friends or family.
  • Reduced levels of concentration

All of the above can happen to a video gamer if they’re highly addicted. These effects can have a negative impact on both the gamer and also the people surrounding them. If someone becomes solely dependent on addiction, it can be difficult for loved ones to see, which is why I hate video games.

Dramatically Reduce Motivation

3.Dramatically Reduce Motivation

Being a parent or a friend of a video gamer can be difficult when they become unmotivated to do anything apart from playing video games.

The reason gamers become unmotivated is that they’re so easily motivated by playing a game. Most games give you rewards throughout the whole gameplay.

In the gamer’s eyes, they must complete these challenges in order to reek the rewards, and it’s a never-ending cycle.

Video games can quickly provide an individual with psychological rewards, which can be addicting to some as they’re not so easy to achieve in real life.

For example, completing an achievement on a video game, such as completing it, is much easier than going to college.

4.Increased Levels of Aggression

A study that was conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) shows that there’s a correlation between playing video games and a gamer’s aggression.

However, I must state that although the study concluded that video gamers are more aggressive than those who aren’t, they were unable to discover if playing video games had a link to increased levels of criminal violence.

The study was also only carried out for gamers that played awfully violent games such as Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto, and Call of Duty, which is understandable because I can’t see someone becoming aggressive from playing Mario Cart.

If you’re a parent, loved one, or friend to someone that has increased levels of aggression due to video games.

It can be challenging to sit them down and talk about the issues they’re causing towards you. By all means, this is why I hate video games.

Reduced Levels of Concentration

5.Reduced Levels of Concentration

From the digital culture to the real world, it’s much different.

Video games require you to be concentrated so you can operate at your highest performance level, especially for games that include an online multiplayer.

This study shows that playing non-violent and violent video games is associated with the levels of concentration demonstrated by a gamer.

In 2010, researchers found that young children that play video games for 2-3 hours a day were 67% more expected to have concentration issues.

If your child is struggling to concentrate in school and their grades show it, it’s clear to understand why I and others hate video games so much.


These are some negative effects that video games can have on a gamer, but the list is much more extensive. However, all of the above and more can be controlled if you manage their playtime.

Let’s not forget, playing games can also benefit an individual as they can improve hand-eye coordination and also enhance rapid decision making.

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