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Ever since the pandemic I have been looking for the best tools to work from home and some friends and clients still ask me if Zoom is a digital tool or not?

Zoom is a video conferencing service that allows you to communicate with up to 100 people at once.

Zoom offers free and paid plans, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

The free plan provides a video chatting service that allows up to 100 concurrent participants, with a 40-minute time restriction.

Users have the option to upgrade by subscribing to a paid plan if they need more features or longer time limits for their meetings.

You can use Zoom in any browser on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone – as long as it has an internet connection.

It’s easy and intuitive for everyone from small business owners who want better communication tools for their team members all the way up through large organizations like universities where students are taking classes online from all over the world! Plus, there’s no software installation required – just sign in and start talking!

zoom a digital tool

Is Zoom a digital Tool?

Many people are under the impression that Zoom is not a digital tool. But, if you look closely at what Zoom does for businesses and how it operates, then you will see that it most certainly is! For example, Zoom offers on-demand video conferencing for up to 50 participants; this means that when you use their service, your data will be hosted by them in their own servers with no need to install any software or hardware. This makes Zoom a perfect solution for anyone looking to host meetings online without having to invest in expensive equipment.

So YES! Zoom Is a Digital Tool.

Where can you use Zoom?

you can use zoom on most devices, in the browser, or via a mobile app you can join a meeting, using a modern browser and this is how many people use it.

Do you have to have WIFI to use zoom?

You don’t have to be connected to a WIFI connection to use zoom but it is recommended since WIFI connections are a bit more reliable than line operators.

the quality of your connection will depend on your provider’s range and seep of the service you have, and also on the speed on your device if you have an old device that uses 3g or lower your signal will be affected and may disconnect from time to time.

How many people can use Zoom at once?

Currently, you can connect with up to 25 users in the free version, and you also have a 40 min time limit with this, as the service gets more popular be sure to see these 2 numbers drop.


Since all the companies have to make money and monetize their products.

If you have the paid version of zoom you can have up to 100 people on at the same time with no time limit.

What are the benefits of a digital tool as Zoom?

1. Zoom is a free, easy to use video conferencing software that allows you to see and hear the other person in high-definition

2. Did you know Zoom support up to 25 participants? This is a great way for everyone involved in the meeting to participate.

3. The quality of sound during Zoom calls is excellent because it uses your computer’s microphone and speakers

4. You can also share screens so that others can see what you’re working on or show them presentations 

5. You don’t have to be on the same network as someone else – they will appear just like they are sitting next to you 

6. There’s no need for any additional hardware (such as webcams) because everything happens through your computer screen.

What are the disadvantages of using zoom

1. Zoom is not as reliable as other video chat apps

2. Zoom has a lot of glitches and bugs that make it difficult to use

3. The zoom app takes up more space on your phone than other video chat apps

4. There are many problems with the zoom app, including lack of sound during calls, freezing in the middle of conversations, and disconnecting from people you’re talking to for no reason at all

5. It’s hard to get someone on zoom when they don’t have an account already set up  

6. If you want more screen real estate while using the app it can be difficult because there is no split-screen feature.


Zoom is a digital tool that can be used to host meetings online without the need for expensive equipment.

This makes it perfect for anyone looking to hold an on-demand meeting with up to 100 participants, or even just connect remotely while traveling in different countries! If you’ve been under the impression that Zoom isn’t a digital tool and want to find out more about how it operates, contact us today.

We would love nothing better than to answer any questions you might have about this amazing company and its services.

Give them a try now by signing up at and see their website for yourself!

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