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What is a graphic image?

A graphic image is simple a photograph, painting, sketch, or other Image that gives a point-by-point representation of something it can be explicit or abstract.

The description can be of an article, situation, individual, creature, diagram, or chart in addition to other things.

Graphic images are found in magazines, books, advertisements, and artistry.

They assume an enormous part in the everyday lives of numerous individuals since they are utilized to depict thoughts, occasions, feelings and that’s just the beginning.

A realistic can contain words, pictures, or an assortment of shapes.

A realistic picture can likewise allude to a picture that sticks out or causes a ton of to notice itself.

Realistic books will be books that depend on pictures to recount the story.

How do you create a graphical image?

A graphical image is the visual representation of an object, usually displayed on a computer screen.

Graphical images provide in detail the expression of something, therefore easing the understanding of certain information.

Graphic images are typically created depending on the purpose they serve, be it a Facebook profile picture, Twitter or Instagram post, and project representation.

When Creating a graphical image, it is better to create a rough sketch of what you want as your final output on a paper to help keep you on your aim.

How do you create a graphic image?

First of all the most important part of dis process is to know what style of graphic are we going to create?

there are different graphics and are used for specific goals in mind.

but to clarify what I’m talking about here is a list of possible graphics you might want to do.

  • Drawing
  • Printmaking
  • Etching
  • Line art
  • Illustration
  • Graphs
  • Diagrams
  • Symbols
  • Maps
  • Photography
  • Engineering drawings
  • Computer graphics
  • Web graphics

And there are many more but I think you get the idea. another thing you might want to keep in mind is what you will be using it for. some examples of uses could be:

  • Business
  • Advertising
  • Political
  • Education
  • Film and Animation

Once you have that figured out please follow the steps that I described here.

How do you create a graphic image? Don't need to worry here you will find a complete guide on how to do it.

To create a graphical image, follow the following steps;

Pick your software

1.First, look for software that you will use to create the images. You do not need to purchase expensive software to create a professional image; this is because there is very much free software that helps you create and edit beautiful graphical images. Among the free software’s are canvas and pic monkey, which allows you to use your font and images.

Choose the type of design

2.Choose a design. On the home page, click on the design button. Six black canvas options will be shown. Choose the best canvas for your design according to your interests.

Choose the output size

3.Click on the custom to choose the size of your image. The choice of size is selected according to the purpose of the graphical image. It may be square, Facebook cover, standard size, or from your desired dimensions in millimeters inches or pixel.

Start creative process

4.After choosing the canvas size, you are automatically taken to the edit tab, where your creativity begins. Use the color picker to select a background color on the canvas color tool. Click the hex code and type it, then place enter key on your keyboard to apply. You can also insert a background picture in your image by first adding a grid. On a grid, photos can be cropped, resized, flipped, and layered to create different visual effects. A background picture supports the content’s message.

Choose your overlays

5.Choose your design overlays. After applying your background color, move on to the overlays tab, the butterfly icon for a large assortment of overlays. You can also layer photos and graphics that are yours by clicking on your button on the menu.

Choose your font

6.Decide on the font to use. Click on the fonts tab to choose your design font. You can either use your own installed fonts or use free fonts on the computer. For your image to look appealing, use only up to two fonts that are relating. More than two fonts make your work look messy and untidy.

Upgrade your design

7.Use other design elements like textures, effects, and frames if you want to. First, to apply these effects to your entire image, click on the merge icon on the toolbar to merge overlays and text onto the canvas.

Save your image on the correct format

8.Finally, save your image in a folder from which you can use it for your desired purpose. Either professionally or for social uses.

Start your copywriting

9.Adding good copy to your images is of the most importance so your viewer or users can get and Idea of what the image is about.

Many platforms are used in graphical creation, some of which are free and others that are accessed at a fee. All these platforms serve the same purpose but have different tools of editing hence different outputs.

Examples of the platforms that offer the service of graphical image creation are;

·Adobe Photoshop; is one of the most popular software platforms for designing graphical images. Adobe has all editing tools for every graphic image you want to create up to working in 3D. It is available in windows and Mac.

·Sketch; this is a Mac-only graphic design platform program and focuses on digital designs used to create apps, websites, and interfaces. It has smart layout features in which the components will automatically resize based on the content.

·Affinity designer; this platform is suitable for someone in the early stages of a graphical design career. It works smoothly, helping you improve your workflow. It is found in iPad, windows, and Mac.

·CorelDRAW Graphics suite 2019; has robust design tools that help you work faster and smarter. It provides you with a Livesketch that converts sketches into precise vector curves.

·Canva; canva is free online software that helps you to create graphic designs quickly and easily. It works on the concept of drag and drop, whereby you get to select your elements and drag them to your work area. Canva is available in web browsers, Android, and iOS

How do you create a graphic image? Don't need to worry here you will find a complete guide on how to do it.

Extra graphic design options

Here are some tools that can help you on different types of design and I have to use them myself and can honestly tell you that their time saver in your design workflow

WaveVideo: this is a great video maker platform that helps you create a video in minutes and you should check it out.


Relaythat: This software is awesome, it makes bulk image creating really simple and fast, I run Pinterest campaigns and I create 50 to 100 images in less than 30 min.

Promo: This is another video and explainer video software that can help you create video assets for your projects in no time and its consider one of the top video creation softwares.

Offeo: Great tool to create video ads and promotional videos for social media filled with hundreds of templates to get you up and running in minutes.



Creating a graphic in today’s world is not that difficult, you could say that the creative part might take a bit more time if you do not know the workflow.

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