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How do you use keywords


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If you are first starting at SEO you are probably wondering how do you use keywords exactly, and don’t worry I was to at some point in my career, and thanks to 10 years of trial and error I have come to understand keywords very well.

So the simplest way I can put it is the use of words in your content to fulfill the search intent of each user so the algorithm can push your content to the correct people who are searching the information.

The mini guide on how you should use keywords on your content is:

Title tags: must contain main keyword

Meta description: contain main keyword

H1 Header: Only one per page and contain the primary keyword

Please understand that this is a small overview of how you use keywords, there are more sophisticated tactics you can use on SEO and I will make new post on each tactic.

The funny part is that knowing how do you use keywords is just a small part of the equation and with time passing and the algorithm changing it takes a bit of work to create content that will be pushed to the users so you can get the traffic.


types of keywords.

Not all keywords are created alike and you will understand this even more as you create content and publish it on the web.

What are Seed Keywords? or Short Tail Keywords

These are the keywords that are very short usually they are composed of one or two words. they are starting points.

Here are some seed key words examples:

  • Weight Loss
  • Investing
  • Fitness
  • Computers
  • Dating

I hope you get the Idea about seed keywords. Note: Seed Keywords are hard to rank for, if you are a beginner this should not be your main goal to rank for a seed keyword takes time and huge amounts of high quality content.

What are Middle Tail Keywords?

Middle tail keywords are keywords that are compose of 4 to 5 words and give more direction and specified on what the user is looking for, these keywords are a middle range competition as well you can target them by analyzing your target audience.

Here are some Middle Tail Keywords examples:

  • Weight loss for vegans
  • Investing in real state market
  • Fitness at home
  • Computers for companies
  • Dating for Women

there is still a lot of content you can create around these middle keywords but you can see you are targeting an specific audience interested in the topic.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords are the most popular keywords to target since they are very specific to the user’s search intent. they are composed of 5 and above words making them more targeted and therefore high conversion rate.

These keywords are highly recommended for beginners since they can see better ranking in a shorter time span.

Some long tail keyword examples:

  • Best Foods for Vegan Weight loss
  • How to invest in real state and get 20% returns
  • How to stay fit from home with pull up bar
  • Best desktop computers for companies with more than 50 employees
  • Best dating tips for women with children

So How do you use keywords?

There are many ways you can use keywords and it mainly depends on the the goal you have for your current task.

if you want to rank your content on the first page of google and the other search engines here are the top recommendation of the minimal SEO practices you have to take part off.

You use keywords when you are searching for something on google, so the idea to create content with the keywords is to make it as easy as possible for the search engines to find your content and make it so good that people find what their looking for but also directed to topics that they did not know about in the same topic.

If you create content around topics I’m sure you will rank for many keywords.

Create content that people are looking for

Thanks to technology today there are many online tools that can help you see what topics are being searched, the type of content created for the search and even the inbound links outbound links, and many more stats to take in to account.

Ranking content on the first page of Google might take more than 8 months, and if you’ve done everting right.

Niche Selection

You might be currently in two options right now, you already have a niche since you have been working on a product or service and you want to create content to rank on google and bring you more traffic as clients. Or you are just starting out and want to start a side hustle to earn some extra income.

Searching on your current niche

Since there is a product or service you are already offering this takes a lot of the ground work for your process.

I will give you some steps so you can start seeing what search terms you could compete for on your niche to bring you more traffic and sales.

So the best way is to research your competitors.

Yes knowing what the competition is ranking right now will give you ideas on what keywords you should be targeting.

Keyword Gap Analysis

This is one of the most important tools you could use since it gives a list of keywords that are not currently ranking and might be easy to rank for.

Researching your first Niche

Starting from scratch is time-consuming but it has its own benefits, sin you don’t have a topic you can search for low competition niches that can brig high traffic and rank easier for the terms.

You can start using the tools to view the seed keywords and start going down from there, remember that you still have to look for a good volume so your website will have traffic.

A good Niche For Yourself

Many bloggers stop when they loose interest in creating content for a website and see little to No result. remember that I said before you will need about 8 months for google to rank your content, and be sure to have a good amount of content.

so choose a niche that have some of these characteristic’s

Subject or topic you you enjoy

these niches have a huge percentage of success rate since many bloggers go into their hobbies, and if its your hobbies you will have a lot of fun writing about it.

Subject you currently have huge amounts of knowledge

So you don’t actually have to love what you know about, in fact many people after retiring start their own consulting firms. which basically means they put all their experience to work.

Subject or topic that can be monetize

I have to put this even if in my own experience I know every niche is monetizable and if it isn’t you can run advertisements on your blog or website and generate and income.

Tools that help you do keyword research

So how can you accomplish the task we talk about before, I would recommend you use SEO tools like semrush, it has the capability of generating all the information you would need to decide on the topic you would like to pursued and generate the content ideas and keywords for you.

If you would like to know more about semrush please be sure to read my post SEMRUSH REVIEW AND MY EXPERIENCE: DOES IT WORK IN 2021?

But its not the only option you can use googles free tools keyword planner its a bit technical but you can get the same results.

Other SEO and Keyword Tools Options

Image Name Type
Semrush image All in one SEO Tool great for keyword research and content planning Check Price
sitechecker-logo-new Sitechecker Web traffic website ranking Check Price


If you have good basis and a good structure you should have no trouble ranking on google when you create high value content.

Be consistent and don’t stop until you have at least 100 posts of keyword-targeted content. you will learn on your way how to create faster and way better content.

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