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I used to order written content from various text vendors and the quality of the articles I was getting was TERRIBLE.

I knew I really had to address the issue because I was wasting money ordering low-quality articles and this meant that my website would fail with the passing of time.

I had not been able to solve this issue without researching and learning how to create content briefs so that my writers would get all the information they needed to accomplish the task in the quality that I asked for.

creating content briefs can be quite easy!

Stress Writter

So after wasting thousands of dollars on low-quality articles, I searched for a tool that would help me write a content brief professionally so I could communicate it directly to my writers.

So if you are a writer, blogger, content creator, or if you buy written content for clients or your personal blog or website this tool is for you.

If you want a complete guide on how to buy digital tools that work you can click on this link.

Here are some of the things you might want to consider before investing in this tool.

  • Budget: if this tool is out of your budget or price range please do not buy it.  
  • Time: Understanding how much time you will save with the tool is important but if you think it’s more time-consuming than helpful this might not be for you. 
  • Quality: there is no point if the tool is not going to give you the value you need. there is a small learning curve to use the tool but in my case, it was well worth it.




Blogely can definitely help writers, Freelancers, and website owners shorten their content creation time, making them more productive and efficient in publishing high-quality content.



Simple interface that is extremely well-thought to make it easy for you to build exceptional content.


Create a full research document in a matter of minutes. Collect aggregated SERP results with questions, statistics, and keywords.


Simple SEO optimization score. One place for SEO & easy keywords management without technical knowledge.

This online tool is completely full of useful features, the ones mention above are just the surface of what this awesome editor can do. 


we all have used Microsoft word to write our text and articles and the app does not differ much from this type of software, but one of its main features is the block writing style that lets you reorganize the elements in a drag and drop style to make it a lot easier for you to see the structure and how it works on different formats.


keeping track of your files and research documents has never been this easy. you can link up which articles have information in common and keep track of them so your outlines will not double staking information on them. you can organize multiple item types such as notes, multimedia, links, and much more in one central location linked to the same article.


This is by far one of the features I use more frequently since it can pull from google search results the main topics, headlines, and questions. this allows you to create a rich content outline so that you can produce the most complete article you master. Not only it cuts your research time in half but it also gives you the general topics of your current search term. for me this is the most valuable information in the content brief creation process.


We all want to create content that ranks well on Google and other search engines this gives you the possibility to grade your content on the latest algorisms run by the search engines, giving you the edge on complete SEO content creation format.


One of the biggest time-consuming tasks I had when ordering content was checking the content for plagiarism. a lot of writers when delivering an article my cut corners and copy-paste some of the content out of the resource they have checked. this is a big problem since the content might get penalized by the search engines for duplicate content violations. this feature really takes my head of checking for those types of errors and to be honest it is a time-saver than doing it manually.


I run my blogs on WordPress so having the capability to publish directly from the platform has great advantages. there is no point in doing double work on copypasting content. You can simply publish directly and that’s it.

Note: Integrations with CMS, CRM, and marketing platforms i.e. Medium, Wix, Blogger, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Zapier.


If you are a writer the content portfolio hosting feature will give you a better way to showcase your work and find clients fast and easily. In today’s world showing your work is very important because many buyers will determine hiring you because of your past work.


If you decide to sell or buy content through the app this messaging feature will make the communication process way easier, it has been helpful since I have never sold any of my work but after working with it a couple of weeks 2 of my articles were sold and the money was transfer to my account with no problems.


This feature is correlated to the research docs module. they have made it easy to import or export research items found by the tools. I can’t tell you how many times I have used the import all questions found on SERPs.


Keeping track of time is very difficult, more if we are talking about posting deadlines and getting your content out on time, you can manage this very well with the editorial calendar option you can create your own publishing schedule.


the app will let you collaborate with a front-end page builder where what you see is what you get. its design to be in complete control of the outcome.


If you are like me and use Grammarly on a daily basis well you will love that this app integrates with it without any problems and you can keep your spelling to the point using this awesome tool.

What Other People Are Saying

I understand that taking a blogger’s word for it might be a bit off, and I encourage you to do some more research if this tool is beneficial for you and if the value outweighs the cost.

I totally recommend this tool because of its price and value, and here are some reviews you might want to read.

Also, I have scoured the internet for something similar that provides the same value and there is, go to the end of the post to see what the tool’s name is.


As I told you before there is an alternative tool but one of the main reasons I do not use it is because the monthly price it’s out of my budget and compares to a one-time fee that blogely offers it’s a no-brainer for me.

The Tool’s name is FRASE IO

It has about the same functionality as Blogely that makes it an awesome tool.

Here is the pricing table for their system, that’s awesome you can sign up for free and try it out.


If you struggle with the creation of optimizing briefs for your writers, get constantly low quality every time you order content from service, and even more, it takes most of your time to do this right?

Blogely will surely cut your process time in half. making you more productive and letting you center yourself on more important tasks.

The one-time fee for 20  research docs and 8 published articles is more than enough for small bloggers, but remember that you can stack up as many as 3 codes for a lifetime of 150 research docs per month and 50 published articles.

I hope you enjoy the content if you are interested please check out our post on 101 Social Content tools

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