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You want to make sure your content is as good as it can be.

You know that you need more articles, but you don’t have time to write them yourself.

What do you do? The answer is simple: Create a content brief and send it out.

A great content brief will give the writer all the information they need to create an article for you, without any room for confusion or misunderstanding. In this article, we’ll go over how to craft a perfect content brief so that your article comes back just the way you want it!

What is a content brief?

A content brief is a document that outlines all of the information for an article. It includes everything from topic to word count, and what style it should be written in (elements like subject-verb agreement).

A good one will help your writer create great articles without giving them any room for confusion or misunderstanding

How can content briefs help you?

A content brief can help you in a number of ways! They’ll give your writer all the information they need to create an article, With a content brief, you will be able to fast-track your project without any room for them to make assumptions on how they should present their work.

This will make sure that when it comes back, everything is just how want and nothing missed out on – not even those pesky grammar mistakes like subject-verb agreement errors which take a lot of time correcting when you get the work back.

What types of briefs are there?

There are a few different types of content briefs. but you have to know what you want to get from your writers.

Article Brief

One can be an article brief, which describes the length and style you expect for your project so that they know what to aim towards (e..g if it’s 500 words or 2000).

This will make sure their work meets all requirements in terms of word count without any confusion coming back from them!

There also exists something called bullet points – these can be used instead when there isn’t much detail required about how long exactly this piece should take but just some basic key points with regards to styling, etc.

Finally comes to outsource writing prompts – where our writer has 100% control over everything: even topics like headline suggestions as well things such headlines themselves!.

With outsourced articles, we recommend using examples so the writers can get the feel of what you expect in each section.

Product review Brief

Another can be a product review brief , which is a short, concise summary of the product with links to where it can be purchased.

Basically what you want for your content brief should define how long each section needs and if there are any specific requirements that need outlining like word count etc., or bullet points so they know exactly about formatting their article without confusion coming back from them!

There also exists something called outsource writing prompts – when our writer has 100% control over everything: even topics such as headline suggestions among other things headlines themselves!.

With outsourced articles we recommend using examples in order this helps writers get feel on just precisely expect during different sections.”

*The main keywords here would include “content briefs”* This will make sure work meets all specifications whether its 500 words

You can create a brief for almost anything you want, you should focus yourself on the information the brief must contain and mainly the structure, no body likes an article that is all over the place. like a story it should have a beginning a middle and an end.

things to include in your brief

  • The target audience and buyer persona

You should have a good picture of who your buyer or ideal costumer is right? when you have that , it will be easier to convey your message.

The goal of the article or content you want written Here, make sure there is a reasonable amount for word count and that its not too specific so writers can’t bring their creativity into play but also giving them enough information on what they should do with this opportunity s well as provide examples in order.

  • The brand messaging, tone, and voice 

Remember to give your brand messaging tone and voice, not all brands talk the same so include the type of voice and tone and be clear about it.

And remember to include a style guide if it applies. This will help writers know what they should do with the article or content and also keep your brand consistent in everything that is written about you. note: You can provide templates for different types of articles as well, like “top ten” type lists, tutorials etcetera.

  • Where the content fits in the marketing process

When you give the brief it should clearly state what in what part of the funnel is being used, if its informational or if you are using for conversion . For example, is it an email campaign to help build your base or a blog post that has been published?

If you’re looking for info-product content then be really clear about what type of information the product will cover and how long. If its just informational make sure writers know they can use whatever resources are available including their own research.

  • The question the article is meant to answer

Remember that each article has a purpose . The purpose will be different if the article is an email campaign or a blog post. Make sure writers know what they are opting into and write it in your brief so that you get content for both purposes

The keywords of this short-form text:

content briefs, writing articles with precision & high quality posts from freelancers/writers

Giving your writers live examples of the type of content you want them to create is a huge tool in your content brief outline

Live examples of the type for content you want?-

Examples include, but are not limited to a case study about your product and how it solves problems or an article on “How To Be More Successful In Your Career” with research in following areas; interpersonal skills development & soft skill training)

  • The related topics that must be covered for comprehensiveness

make sure your writer know what heading and subheading he should include in the content and why (For example: “Top Reasons Your Website is Not Ranking in Google”) a subheading for this article could be Googles main ranking factors another can be How to comply with all of google’s ranking factors.

  • Title and subheading suggestions

when you are asking your writers for content you should ask them for creative titles and subheadings suggestions, since you can take their ideas and expand on your project .

Also give them some starting points like the headings and subheading I would like.

You might want to start with headings like: “how-to”, or News”

Title Suggestions: “How To Write Better Emails That Get Higher Open Rates”; How Working Harder on Your Email Can Increase ROI.”; The Best Ways for a Marketing Team Member’s Efforts On Social

content brief outline examples

As we said before there are countless brief styles you can make, here is one style you can look at that I found at since most of the templates are personal they will differ depending on the information you need. If you like to see the complete Brief click on this link

Another example of a content brief

content brief

What content writing services can you use

getting content written for you is quite simple today and we use some of them so we will give you the 3 main services that we use.

Disclaimer: your results depend on your content brief quality and the communication with your writer, please be advised that this is a process so the same writer can give two or even 3 different qualities depending on the topics.

Content writing services


Do you need highly-quality content but don’t have the time to write it yourself?

You can outsource your content as simply as 1, 2, 3 with Iwriter.

Enter a project description and our iWriter algorithm will match you with reputable writers that are looking for work on similar topics or in a related field.

High-quality documents take less than 60 seconds!


They provide the best content it’s hard to find anywhere else – good, compelling writing.

They create sales pages, blog articles and other content that converts like nothing else.

All of the new writers have gone through an extensive training process before they’re allowed to write for you.

Also, all of them are American with many years—more than 50 in total–of experience writing exceptionally good copy.


bka content briefs

Once you’ve hired them, each package includes a creative strategist that will consult with you to develop an overarching content strategy.

they take into consideration your company goals and the goals for your blog site alike.

From there, a writer is assigned to create fresh high-quality content which is approved by YOU and then strategically placed on your site within 24 hours.

Your brand will be showcased using quality writing without sounding like someone else wrote it – just sound like YOU!

Budget your content briefs

buying content can be expensive so please be sure to account for ir and the time, since different servicies have different time lines you should prepare for that.


Creating a content brief for your company and brand is one of the best weapons you can have in your arsenal and once you have the correct one it will make all the difference in your process and also in your business bringing you closer and faster to your desire goals.

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