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Originally an online platform for DIY ideas, Pinterest has now become one of the most popular shopping search engines. 

Pinterest is one of the top platforms for selling products, as there are almost 459 million users.

One data point suggested that 47% of Pinterest users visit the site solely to search for and buy new products.

You need to consider if you can sell on Pinterest before including it as part of your social media marketing strategy.

This platform does not allow you to advertise certain products. 

Sell On Pinterest

How Pinterest can help your business

About 89% of US pinners come to the platform specifically to investigate products and to plan out purchases, but that’s not all there is to know.

The vast majority of users are simply shopping on the site. 47% to be precise.

This translates into 150 million new customers for your business.

Right, so now you need to find your target audience, get your products in front of them, and watch the dollars roll in, right?

However, it’s not exactly that simple. You can start selling on Pinterest by following the steps listed in the next section.

How to make your brand Pinterest-ready

It’s exciting to see how you can leverage Pinterest’s shoppers.

To help you prepare your brand for sale, read these four quick steps.

1. Determine your target audience

You should have a professional online store set up if you want to sell on social media sites like Pinterest.

This store should describe every detail about the product.

You don’t need to worry! Setting up your store doesn’t require you to be a professional designer.

You can easily create an online shop with many eCommerce website builders online that allow you to drag and drop features.

For setting up an online store, companies such as Shopify and BigCommerce offer pre-designed templates.

A server with an optimized web hosting environment is the best option for creating an eCommerce store using popular platforms such as WooCommerce or Magento.

This means, however, that technical knowledge is required.

Depending on your product, you can also establish an Etsy store and use Pinterest to market your Etsy store.

Prior to starting a campaign, it’s important to understand the demographics of a social media platform.

You can make sure you are targeting the right customers by creating a customer persona.

Your target audience’s ideal income level, job criteria, lifestyle, and more will be included here.

2. Set up a business account

Understanding your target audience is essential before starting your online marketing campaigns.

You can easily set up your Pinterest campaigns to bring in more conversions by understanding your buyer persona or avatar.

You should consider factors such as your job profile, income, interests, location, and age group.

It is possible to exclude the age group of 18-20 from Pinterest if you sell a premium product, as most users in this group will not be able to purchase that product.

It is very different to have a personal account on Pinterest than a business account.

Besides analytics and ads, you also gain access to other elements that are essential for selling on Pinterest.

Your account can be created as a personal profile.

Simply log in to your existing account and convert it into a business account.

Create an account on Pinterest right away if you do not have one. Sign up right away!

3. Establish your brand

Your profile photo should be a high-res logo or headshot of you (if you are your company’s face) and should match other profiles for branding, your bio, your cover boards should match your brand, and your contact information should be up-to-date.

You should make sure your Pinterest profile is easy to access by customers and followers of all your social media accounts.

Linking and verifying your business website is the final step to prepping your Pinterest business profile.

In profile settings, you can add your website, but you must claim it afterward.

You can do this by adding a meta tag to your website or by uploading an HTML file.

Pinterest will tell you how to do this.

Make sure that your main website where you sell products is the one you verify and claim for your Pinterest business account, otherwise, you won’t be able to link products.

What is the best way to sell on Pinterest?

Now you can start selling your brand. It’s time to learn about some of the best methods for selling your products on Pinterest.

Make visuals that look great

The first thing you need to know about Pinterest is that it is a visual search engine, so the quality and impact of your product images are important.

People use Pinterest to find great photos and ideas since it is a visual discovery platform. 

Make sure your pictures stand out by being bright, colorful, and striking.

Your Pinterest photos must be eye-catching. Make sure your images include alt text so they can be discovered.

Photograph the product in use. Sales are 67% more likely to occur when a pin features a product.

When you combine beautiful photography, appropriately sized images, and the right fonts to match your brand, you increase the CTR and sales.

Users can save your pins and buy them in the future by seeing your logo on each of the images.

With tools like Canva and Stencil, it’s possible to convert high-quality royalty-free stock photos into visually appealing graphics.

The following tips will help you create attention-grabbing pins

  • Make sure your photographs are of high quality
  • Ensure that graphics are sized properly
  • Make your text bold and use bold colors
  • Your brand should be reflected in your visuals

Create Pinterest SEO-optimized content

To increase the chances of people buying from you, including an attention-grabbing title and description on your pins.

You can get more organic views through Pinterest SEO by strategically and naturally using the targeted keyword.

Relevant keywords are what you want to appear for.

For this reason, you have researched keywords. You must optimize your pins for search engine optimization (SEO) so that they remain visible for months or even years after posting.

The algorithm used by Pinterest to rank your pins is different from other search engines. Before creating your pins, do proper keyword research related to your niche.

Your Pin/Board titles and descriptions should reflect the kind of content your competitors are using.

If the content is appealing to the users, it can boost your pin’s visibility and drive organic sales. 

In comparison to Instagram or Twitter, Pinterest posts have a much longer shelf life.

Platform users can go to the platform for inspiration; the platform functions as a visual search engine.

Pins with rich content

Product Pins help you sell on Pinterest.

They connect to your online store and give the consumer access to your product catalog.

Product Pins tags products in images.

Metadata is generated on your online store’s product pages containing price and description information. In the case of a Pinterest image featuring a product, all of its information will be accessed.

This is known as a Product Rich Pin.

In addition to the standard pin information such as photo, description, and title, rich pins showcase additional information from your website.

As a result, users will be able to view information about the pin itself due to the price and product information extracted.

When users click the shop now button on a mobile device, they will be redirected to the product landing page. Additionally, Pinterest will also show the availability of the product if you provide additional information about the stock on your website.

Rich pins on Pinterest can be categorized into four types.

  • Article pins: Article pins display the story title, descriptions, authors, and links to the original articles.
  • App pins: Users can install your app without leaving Pinterest by clicking on the install button on these pins. These pins, however, are only compatible with IOS at the moment.
  • Product pins: Pins include information such as pricing and availability, as well as a link to the product page for purchase. These pins are aimed at making shopping easier.
  • Recipe pins: A serving size and cooking time are included on these pins. 

When your website is claimed on Pinterest, the rich pin will work. So you can sell on Pinterest with this eCommerce feature.

Promote your pins

Promoted pins are an alternative if you don’t want to wait for Pinterest’s algorithm to feature your pins in their search results.

For businesses that want faster leads, promoted pins are a good option if they have a reasonable budget.

Your targeted users will be able to click on promoted pins to be directed to your desired product or landing page, where you can provide the complete details of your product. 

You can also target users using promoted pins based on their location, device, income, and age.

It is a good way to increase your business’s lead generation.

Make your Pinterest boards more organized

A quality content strategy plays a crucial role in increasing your company’s customer base.

Try organizing your Pinterest pins into boards for an innovative look.

Use relevant images for each board. Alternately, try rearranging the pins. 

Many describe Pinterest as a visual discovery engine.

Pinterest is a place to discover, organize, and save things.

When images are saved to collections, they become pins.

A collection becomes aboard.

You can create new sections on your board and move your existing pins to them if you have subtopics.

To illustrate, for example, you can create a board for computer peripherals like hard disks in which you can further categorize the hard disks into different sections such as 1TB hard disk, 2TB hard disk, etc.

An organized database will make it easier for the users to locate the information they are looking for.

Use keywords that are specific to your business and organize boards accordingly.

Your visuals will be distributed more effectively and you will be found more easily.

You can think of Pinterest similarly to a search engine. It’s all about quality. Creating beautiful and appropriate boards is crucial.

Organize products into catalogs

The products you add to your store will automatically get pinned to your Pinterest account as soon as you receive Pinterest data source approval.

For best results, organize your pins into catalogs and run the shopping ads once you have lots of pins.

A catalog is the best way to drive sales once your Pinterest business account has been approved.

As well as organizing products into categories, catalogs also make great reference tools.

Develop a content marketing strategy

A product review, a guide, and a blog post will increase sales for your business.

You should also use frequent blog posts to inform your users as well as your product pins.

Promote conversion-focused blog posts by creating and sharing pins.

The best approach to Pinterest pins would be to develop a solid content strategy.

On Pinterest, we recommend sharing guides, tutorials, and DIYs. For higher click-through rates, your pins should be visually appealing.

Display reviews as social proofs 

Your customers are influenced by social proof when making purchase decisions.

Your brand can be promoted through the pins of a few influencers in your industry.

Your brand will be more trustworthy because of this.

The bottom line is that celebrity or influencer endorsements will encourage customers to buy your product because it creates a sense of trust. Include existing customer testimonials as well, if you can.

Use Pinterest analytics to track your performance

It’s time to track the performance of your pins now that you’ve completed all the above steps.

Analyzing your analytics data regularly is essential for improving conversion rates and making informed marketing decisions.

Various parameters can be analyzed with Pinterest, such as:

  • A few impressions
  • Featured Pins
  • Boards with the most views
  • Participation
  • Click-through rate

These parameters can be filtered on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Using this data, continue to experiment with new ways to engage customers with your brand and boost conversions.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post on how to sell products on Pinterest.

We know that you may be wondering how to be successful in selling on Pinterest in today’s marketplace.

With this blog post, we hope that you will be able to learn some helpful tips to increase your success in selling on Pinterest.

If you have any questions, please contact us anytime by visiting our contact page.

Thank you for reading, we would love to hear from you!

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