Recommended Tools

Welcome to our recommended tools section, many of the links you will find on the tools are Affiliate links since we participate in most of the programs. this is how we generate income to keep buying and testing tools for our readers, so we thank you beforehand if you use them. there is no extra cost to you and we get a small commission from it.

On every tool, you see you will find a brief description of the tool the benefits, and what you can use it for in your content creating process.

Hosting Tools

If you want to create a website or an e-commerce site hosting is one of the most important services you have to acquire, and please be sure to select the correct one for you.

In today’s world webpages are in need of great speed and storage capacity as well as other specs. we provide you with a list of possible services you can acquire depending on your need.

Domain Name Tools

If you are only going to use one domain the plans on the hosting services previously mentioned all offer a free domain with your hosting.

But if you are going to run multiple domains on your hosting there are cheaper ways to find domains and for this, there is only one tool we recommend.

WordPress Themes

Creating a fast and responsive website has never been so important today, if you want to deliver a great user experience and engage with your audience you need a theme that can provide this for you, and lucky for you we have 3 themes that you may want to try!

WordPress Speed Optimizers

Its not just about the theme, you have to optimize all of your website elements so you will have a fast loading website. these plugins will help you get the best speed posible.

Email Marketing Software

Email marketing is an important part of any website, there is no point of visitors coming to your webstie if you can’t get information from them and send them more info to engage your audience.

These are the most efective email marketing software that we know, we highly recommend any of them.

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