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You may be asking yourself, “What does this have to do with marketing?” Well, if you’re a marketer and your company is not on social media then chances are it’s time to get back into the digital age. This blog post will provide 101 Social Content Tools for Marketers Part 3 – tools that will help you create content for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

So without any wait here is part 3 of 101 Social Content Tools For Marketers

Content Tools For Marketers


Attention: You’re in charge of your digital destiny. ShareThis is the only platform that lets you see what people are sharing, and where they’re doing it.

With over 100 million monthly active users, we know a thing or two about how to drive engagement online. We’ll help you find the right audience for your content and make sure they stay engaged with your brand.

This free tools let you collect clear consent from website visitors, so there’s no need to worry about privacy issues or GDPR compliance headaches. Plus our easy-to-use interface means you can install and customize ShareThis on any site in minutes! And best of all? It’s always free!


Do you want to grow your business?

Marquiz is the fastest way to build a quiz and capture qualified leads. We’ll help you find out what people are interested in, so that you can recommend the right products or services. You can even use our analytics dashboard to see how well your quizzes are performing.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for an event, product launch, or just because – we’ll make sure that your quiz will be engaging and fun! And with our 15-minute setup time, there’s no excuse not to try us today!


Social media is a huge part of marketing these days, but it can be hard to keep up with all the different platforms.

That’s where we come in! We’ve got one platform that does it all – from analytics and reporting to social listening and content creation. You won’t have to worry about juggling multiple tools anymore.

With our unified solution, you can create engaging content for every channel your customers use – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. And because we know what works best on each platform, you don’t have to guess which posts will get the most engagement on each network! Plus, now you can measure how well your cross-channel campaigns are working by using our unified dashboard. It’s never been easier than this!

Sign up for a free trial today and see how much time you’ll save with Socialbakers‘ Unified Marketing Platform!

Social IQ+

Are you tired of wasting time on social media?

SocialQ+ is the ultimate solution for any business looking to save time and increase their ROI. With a simple, intuitive interface that lets you schedule posts in advance or as they go live, it’s never been easier to manage your social media presence. Plus, with our watermarking feature, you can easily add your logo to all photos and videos!

You don’t have to worry about missing out on engagement opportunities because we help you find them! We analyze what content performs best so that when you post something new, it will get seen by more people. And since we know how important timing is for each platform (Facebook likes morning posts better than evening ones), we make sure your content gets the most attention possible.


SocialFlow helps you to slot your content into windows of attention. Allowing our algorithms to optimize workflow, strengthen security, and consolidate reporting across tens of thousands of posts. Giving you more outcomes with less effort.

But what if we told you they did it all with your best social content? And the Retention Stream technology that will remind your best customers why they’re willing to pay for your product? Proving that retention is the best acquisition tool (spoiler!)


Social Media is a great platform to get your name out there, have product awareness or even make some money. However, it can interfere with other aspects of your life like school work and the like, which is why SocialOomph posted-scheduling tools are best for you. We understand that not all individuals are able to schedule their posts ahead of time due to obligations elsewhere so we allow everyone to automatically post at 12am EST every day while still allowing you as much control over how often they post or go live on social media. You’ll also be able to keep an eye on how


Social Pilot is an all-in-one marketing machine. This software has every tool you will need for Social Media Management at your fingertips and packaged together for a low monthly price. With guide modules, templates, contests, publishing times, and more – You are sure to find everything needed to hit the next goal! If this sounds good we invite you to check our pricing details here


Tired of using a basic keyword search? We’ve got you covered! social rank brings you all the marketing and advertising tools needed to drill down into your audience on social media. Every day, we parse through tens of thousands of social profiles in order to provide comprehensive analyses for businesses who are leveraging social networks for their marketing efforts. Check out our “find and analyze” feature that will sort followers based on influence, follower count, or recent engagement level with particular groups (read: find segments!). Or if you’re looking for something more specific like some insights about your competitors’

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is proud to be a leader in, usability, customer support and satisfaction, ROI and user adoption. Click the links below to learn more about what makes Sprout Social so great for your business’s social growth and success: 

– Improve Engagement: Increase your reach through targeted publishing campaigns aimed at better understanding your audience on social media channels. 

– Monitor Marketing Campaigns Performance: Track participation statistics with reports that illustrate engagement rates of URLs shared as well as conversions generated by individual posts from keyword search queries. Analyze trends across time periods using custom graphs accessible only through


If you`re looking to spice up your blog or video with high quality vector graphics, cliparts, icons and photos then stockunlimited is the place for you. You are able to get unlimited royalty free content downloads of all images in different formats. And it`s FREE! Create your free account now and start saving time and money on high quality free images that make a perfect compliment for any project!


Tagboard is the leading social media curation platform for managing and interacting with content. Connecting select communities, live programming, and broadcasting in one simultaneous experience – featuring a cloud-based canvas that can display content from across all top social networks at once. Our platform integrates widely used tools including Facebook Live Producer, Instagram TV Studio, YouTube Livestreams, or Twitter Moments to provide you a singular toolkit to create engaging live programming every single day.


Tailwind is the Social Media Coaching Tool That Gets Results. Tailwind helps you plan your social media content and stay organized – whether you manage one or a hundred social profiles. When it comes to Pinterest, we’ll help you find your most successful topics and the best times to post. We also recommend popular hashtags so that people can easily discover your boards! With our Instagram planner, we give you tips for even more engagement like which time zone is best for posting in various countries, retweets of your visual stories from other platforms, suggested tags when promoting contests on Instagram & tons more!


Tweepi makes it easy to engage users, get followers and grow your brand with our Twitter Tools. Millions of people trust Tweepi every day.

It’s never been easier to find the perfect new followers with tools like intelligent search 

and follower suggestions delivered through mobile notifications on a daily basis all for free! 

Tweepi is passionate about connecting marketers and small business owners with their target audience in order to grow their brands and increase exposure in a highly competitive digital world.

Twitter Analytics

The Twitter Analytics dashboard is where you’ll find a summary of your tweets that displays the tweets that have received impressions (the number of times people saw the tweet), engagements (the number of clicks, retweets, replies, and mentions), and influencers. These tools can help you measure your impact on Twitter in order to boost it by making changes such as adding more hashtags or participating in conversations with high-influence account holders


unsplash is a community of creatives who are passionate about sharing beautiful, high-quality photos. We want to empower people around the world 

to contribute stunning and valuable photography. Thousands of new photos are available online every day from 50k+ unsplash contributors for royalty-free use in design or promotion work.


Discover how Visage can help your entire organization become Brand Storytellers. Imagine the total visual control of building engaging infographics, presentations, and reports–now everyone in your company can take part in advanced branding initiatives.

Visage helps anyone create powerful visualization vocabulary to deliver visual marketing material with expert-level (Ai3) credibility. With a click of the mouse, infographics and presentations turn into professional-grade assets that beautifully articulate content for any audience-no design skills required!


The Whatagraph reporting tool brings data visualization to marketing professionals. Track results across different channels, create customized reports, and let the insights drive business success! Try out the free 7-day trial today!


Wishpond offers all the tools you need to create landing pages and contests, track leads, send emails and more – without installing any software or paying monthly fees. With our easy-to-use online marketing software suite in place, marketers are able to spend less time designing complex systems that take forever to load, and more time creating engaging content campaigns that will connect with their target market.


Utilizing a sophisticated algorithm, WordSwag will do the heavy lifting for you. You can now create high-quality custom text layouts much easier than normal – and faster than ever before. A professional would usually require minutes or even hours to do what an app like this executes in seconds, so get it while it`s hot!


Your customers are everything. They fuel your future growth by telling their friends about the great experience they had with you or how much they love your product. The only thing better than one happy customer is ten! Customer reviews, a full suite of tools for visual marketing, rewards and loyalty, referrals and SMS marketing; yotpo does it all – to help you create more happy customers.

Great brands are built on happy customers


Zapier is a web-application that allows you to automate everyday tasks by creating easy, natural workflows from one program/platform to another. For example, you can email your Slack channels when specific Facebook triggers happen in order to save time and focus on more important parts of your day. Not only does it make life easier for you and those around you – we also believe it’s an essential step towards achieving the next level of digital mastery; not just being efficient but getting things done.


Aberdeen Research finds that 44% of organisations have experienced a cyberattack in the past 12 months—and they worry that as vulnerabilities continue to be exposed companies are not updating their security programs to protect today, predict tomorrow. ZeroFOX is cyber threat prevention for modern enterprises focusing on proactive protection, intelligence and disruption across public attack surfaces–connectivity with employees and customer networks combined with external web-based platforms including social media channels and darknet markets. Powerful tools incorporated in an intuitive scalable infrastructure provides more than just “eavesdropping” opportunities —it offers a 360° engagement environment


We know what it’s like to nurture leads, grow your email list and get more responses from the people on it. How can we say that? We make a personalized newsletter for you so you get subscribers who are already interested in your content. With Rasa News, the marketing team is no longer just sending emails out blindly- they are curating articles around topics each subscriber has expressed interest in: their location, their industry and other interests – making content go farther by connecting them with people they actually want to read it.


Why does your funnel look so weird? Worried you’re heading in the wrong direction with your campaign? We know how it feels. That’s why we built TruConversion. It quickly identifies where along the way something went wrong and tells you exactly what to do about it. Get back to doing what you love and leave the monkey work to us!


Recharge is the first marketing automation platform for startups that integrates with the apps you use. Our behavior emails meet marketing automation––send automated emails based on what people do on your website, and automate your email lifecycle across the user journey. Post-purchase we give you insights into who bought from you and their most engaging content so that you can provide great customer service.

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